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The best hairstyles & products for bad weather

Pre-loading your hair, investing in a good hat and embracing your natural texture are some of the best ways you can style your hair for bad weather.

That’s according to the hair and beauty experts at, who have devised solutions to getting the right hairstyle that’s best for those days when you get caught in the cold.

The tips include wearing hairstyles appropriate for icy winds, rain and snow, like plaits, slick-back hair and topknots.

The site also recommends beauty products you can use to keep your hair under control when out in the cold, like texture sprays, sculpting lotions and moisture repair shampoo and conditioners. blogger Grace Parry said: “It’s official, winter has most certainly made its mark. If it weren’t for the fun fashions, it would be safe to say that none of us are a fan of this season.

“But if you’re already starting to get caught up in the bad weather and it’s taking its toll on your hair, you’ve come to the right place.”

Hairtrade’s other blogger Maya Tisma said: “The dreary weather in the UK makes it quite a bit of a stiff challenge for people to try and tame their hair.

“But hopefully we are going to be able to help you out with a little bit of inside information!”

Here are the ’s top hairstyles and products for bad weather:

1. Cover up

Throw on a hat to save your hair during the cold winter months. Not only will it save you time in the mornings but it will also save your hair from those icy winds.

2. Keep it messy

The cold wind and rain will leave a sleek style looking a little messy after braving the outdoors. So why not start it out in the same style? A side-braided bun is not only bang on trend but its also perfect for those cold days.

3. Tame and tousled

Sometimes, keeping it under control can work best when scraped into a high pony. But so the bad weather doesn’t completely ruin your hair, make sure it is tousled rather than super straight.

4. Preload your locks

To avoid dampness when it’s raining, pre-load your hair with moisture by using product. Moisture in the air is what throws your hair out of place, so to prevent it, embrace moisture from products so there is no room for new moisture to be added.

Use a good moisture repair shampoo and conditioner and steal Mother Nature’s ability to throw your hairstyle out of whack.

5. Stay slick

Slicked back hair is super trendy right now. Although the ‘wet look’ might be tricky, it will look sharp and will remain in place when you’re out and about in bad weather. Simply brush your hair back, and add some gel for a bit of body and hold.

6. Plaits

Thankfully, plaits are a trend that will always stay in style. Choose from a crown plait or fishtail braid to keep your hair in check whilst also looking on trend.

7. Topknot

A topknot is a perfect “weatherproof” hairstyle. Not only does it go with every outfit, every style and suitable to rock any day of the week, but it is also a great way to keep your hair under control during the cold temperatures.

8. Natural Texture

Trying to control your hair when it’s raining outside is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

Instead of fighting frizz and curls, embrace your true texture with a styling paste or texture spray.

9. Umbrella

A saviour for both rain and snow. If you are able to anticipate dreary and wet weather, you can’t go wrong in waterproofing your hairstyle by getting your hands on a good quality umbrella.

10. Tame your mane

Use the right lotion when taming your hair on rainy or windy days. The moisture in the hair can really wreck havoc on your hairstyle. By investing in a good sculpting lotion, you can get secure all-day protection so your hair feels lightweight and durable, and also able to style.