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The long and short of it: A guide to choosing the best type of hair extensions

Deciding on the best type of hair extensions can be a tricky business, especially with a lot of conflicting information out there.

There are four main types of hair extension available: clip-in, weave, pre-bonded tape and micro ring.

Each of these different types have their own advantages but micro ring hair extensions are the method that hair extension specialists, Arabella Rose in Amersham, Bucks choose to use.

“We believe microrings to be the best hair method. They provide maximum comfort and durability without the need for chemicals or heat, meaning they are kind to your hair,” says Noushin Arshad, director at Arabella Rose.

She adds: “The single most important thing you can do is invest in high quality real human hair which is applied by a professional. If low quality hair is used, the hair will matte and tangle and be a nightmare to manage. When high quality real hair is used, there is no reason why you can not straighten and dye your extensions like normal hair.”

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There are lots of questions that the team at Arabella Rose are often asked, and naturally, as your hair is your crowning glory, it’s important to ensure extensions are right for you.

When it comes to looking after extensions, much like you look after your skin – after care is paramount in order to keep them looking good.

Before every wash, make sure each strand is separated.

Ensure your hair is thoroughly washed using an organic shampoo and conditioner, free from silicone or sulphate as these can have harsh chemicals which break down the bonds.

Also use UV heat protection sprays and leave in products to protect both your natural hair and your extensions.

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With styling products and drying the hair, fully dry your roots using a cool setting on your hairdryer. Section and blow-dry without excessive pulling.

You can straighten, curl, and tong the extension hair, but avoid excessive strain on your extensions.

Only use a soft bristle brush, brushing from the bottom to the top of your head, supporting the roots.

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“Contrary to hair extensions damaging the natural hair, as long as they are applied correctly by a qualified professional they can improve greatly in condition,” says Noushin.

“First, the hair extensions can act as a protective barrier of the natural hair. When you use heat and styling tools, you’ll find that there’s less direct heat on your natural hair than previously because the majority of the heat now goes onto the hair extensions.

“The combination of less styling and less heat allows the natural hair to strengthen and become healthier over time. It won’t snap so easily and become dry like it often did before you got your extensions. Your hair can also improve, as clients avoid colouring their hair so much, we can create most of the colour from extensions, meaning less damage from heat and bleach.”

Hair extensions can suffer due to elements such as chlorine, salt water, hard water and sun exposure, all of which can have an affect on them, much like real hair.

With extensions it’s recommend you wet your hair before entering the pool or sea making it less likely to soak up chlorinated pool water.

You must wash your hair as soon as possible after swimming. If you do not rinse out the the sea salt or chlorine, the chemicals will break down the bonds over time and lead to the extensions shedding and then eventually falling out.

Also do not leave the hair wet for prolonged periods of time or it’ll become weakened too.

Like your natural hair, avoid brushing hair when it’s wet. This is always recommended as hair is most fragile when wet, but more-so when on holiday.

Always use a soft bristle brush or tangle teezer and support hair from the top when brushing.

Avoid using hotel shampoos as these can have harsh chemicals which break down the bonds. Also use UV heat protection sprays and leave in products as you would with your natural hair.

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Prices from as little as £9 per individual strand. All prices on request.

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