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The ‘ology’s of Bioderma are what have put it at the forefront of skincare


Bioderma is one of those skincare brands that has marketed its expertise in biology and dermatology to become a favourite of so many. It was propelled as a cult favourite by its ever popular Sensibio H2O Make-up Removing Micelle Solution.

I remember seeing it advertised on so many YouTube videos that everyone started to scramble for it. However, what many do not know is that Bioderma has existed since the 1970s and has used its unique expertise to place biology and dermatology as a priority in all its skincare products. The brands’ skincare products have been expertly created by scientific professionals in the traditional laboratory where knowledge of how the skin works and its needs are profiled and solutions are deciphered.

With eight clear principles, Bioderma has ensured that it uses workable and penetrating skincare ingredients so that users and consumers get the best treatment their skin needs and requires.

Sensibio Gel Moussant – Mild cleansing foaming gel (£10.50)

Sensibio Gel moussant 200 ml HD
Sensibio Gel moussant 200 ml HD

This cleanser is part of the ‘sensitive’ range that follows the philosophy of ‘I treat’ and ‘I maintain.’ As we know, sensitive skin has a low tolerance to changes in temperature, weather and product usage. As soon as there is a sudden peak or trough in the sensitive skincare balance, we get skincare anarchy! This is where Bioderma’s dermatological advanced formulation comes in. What this does is ‘reinforce the tolerance threshold of all sensitive skin.’ The idea of strengthening the tolerance and threshold of skin seems to be the recurring theme for the brand. It wants to ensure that each skin type gets the optimum treatment from the products and that the skin condition remains stable yet healthy. Now I have always been a sceptic when it comes to foaming cleansers, as all my past experiences have demonstrated an unsatisfactory skincare result. My face texture would feel dry, parched and almost paper-like after washing off the cleanser and I would often break-out because my face was stripped of moisture and my pores would be exposed. These outcomes are a consequence of the fact that various chemicals are used in these cleansers to get that foaming effect. It’s as if the purpose of keeping skin healthy has been compromised for the sake of the novelty of a little foam.

Although my subconscious told me that trialling another foaming cleanser would be to my detriment, I vetoed this very feeling and opted to see if the Bioderma version would be any different. To my utter surprise it was! Firstly, the cleanser is free from fragrance and parabens, essential to ensure that the skin is not aggravated in anyway. Secondly, it is enriched with coco oleate (a type of fatty acid), which ensures that the skin stays moisturised while also cleaning away any dirt or makeup. With a handy pump dispenser, you can measure out exactly how much product you need. I like to use two to three pumps and rather than using my hands, I like to use this cleanser with a cleansing brush like the Clarisonic Mia. What’s wonderful is that the brush will work the cleanser into its foamy state and work it gently into the skin. I feel I get the maximum cleansing effect by doing this as well as using a sensible amount of product. Once I wash off this cleanser my skin feels soft to the touch and refreshed without being stripped of anything.

Photoderm Spray SPF 30 (£19.50)

Photoderm Spray SPF 30 (£19.50)

The current heatwave in London makes this sun protection spray extremely helpful! I find that SPF lotions and creams are better served for the hot holidays where you are relaxing in the sun and you need the thick and emollient protection. It’s also where your body is going to be fairly stationary for a sizable number of hours. When it comes to everyday use especially in the summer months when you’re working or travelling to work, thick creams are probably not the most practical. You feel weighed down by the additional skincare product and most likely a lot hotter and uncomfortable. This is where UV oil spray protection works wonders and especially the Photoderm Spray SPF 30. Not only does it ‘provide surface UVA/UVB protection (filtering systems) but it also offers real internal biological protection: Cellular Bioprotection.’ This patented Bioprotection also ‘preserves and stimulates the skin’s defences (immunity) during sun exposure.’ You can never have enough UV protection so I am quite generous with the amount of oil that I spray on. It’s almost like a dry oil so it doesn’t leave a sticky residue on your skin and it can be worked in easily with your hands. What makes this oil even better is that it can be applied to your hair because even our hair gets damaged by the sun. It has a wonderful and uplifting scent that perfumes the air around you. This oil protection spray is both a pragmatic solution to our problems of overexposure to the sun and one that enhances your beauty regime.

The etymology of biology and dermatology can always seem daunting especially when it comes to skincare. What I have found is that Bioderma breaks it down to the very basics so we know what we’re putting on our skin and how we will benefit from it. It’s a brand that stays true to its original formula and one that you won’t be disappointed with!

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