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The perfect cut throat razor shave in London – Turkish style

traditional wet shave envy barbers

By Sunny Sahota

Located in the picturesque and elegant district of Covent Garden, amongst the bustling coffee shops, trendy hangouts and pubs, is a quintessential barbers called Envy, that infuses traditional English-esque sophistication and Turkish barbering techniques under one roof. The open razor Turkish shave is something that has to be tried out even though at first instances it may sound daunting. An open razor pressed firmly against your face gliding around whilst you sit back with you your eyes shut can bring a tear or two to the toughest of people. However, there is something quite masculine about the open razor shave because of this reason. Life on the edge, in every sense of the phrase.

barbershop quality shave
Master barber Sheriff Mehmett is one of the best cut-throat shavers in the world

Envy Barbers was built on a 60-year legacy in barbering. From humble roots in Cyprus, Envy Barbers began in a small house by the ancestors of Turkish Cypriot Sheriff Mehmet. Armed with the learnings, culture and education of his family in the art of barbering, Sheriff travelled to the UK and channelled them into the Envy barbershop. From humble beginnings, Sheriff himself is now one of the most sort after barbers in town because of his old school barbering and shaving techniques that are infused with modern fashions. Big names that include of L’oreal, Toni & Guy and Headmasters have collaborated with Sheriff and his education centre based in the barbershop in Covent Gardens, that aims to continue the Turkish barbering tradition on English soils and build stars of the future.

Just like in Turkey, at Envy Barbers, an open razor shave is serious business. A matter of national pride but perhaps it is. However, there are a number of electric razors on the market, so why you would want to brave the wet open shave you ask yourself? Well according to Sheriff it’s simple. “If you want a perfect shave that’s healthier and better-looking skin, then a traditional open shave is you’re the best option” said Sheriff whilst sitting in one of the barber chairs that could easily have been featured in a ‘Greece’ movie.

cut throat shave
The key to a perfect shave is preparation
The perfect open blade shave with Envy barbers according to Sheriff

At Envy Barber we follow five key principals for the perfect shave:

Prepare your skin
The key to a perfect shave is preparation. We thoroughly rinse the clients face with warm water and then apply a cleansing cream that helps clean the face as well as open pores on the skin, followed by a hot damp towel for about 2 minutes before shaving.  This serves to soften the beard and stimulate the oil glands leading to a softer shave.

Use the highest quality shaving soaps
At Envy Barbers, we use the highest-quality shaving soaps. You can tell a good soap from a not so good soap by how perfectly it lathers with water. Using a badger brush (badgered hair brushes are the best as it tough yet pliable and has excellent retaining properties) we apply the soap this to the face in circular motions until a rich creamy lather is formed.

envy barbers covent garden
Envy Barbers was built on a 60-year legacy in barbering

The best blades in the business
Using a high-quality blade with a handle that offers good weight and balance for better control we begin the shave.  A straight razor is an incredible art form and, when done correctly, gives an incredibly close shave. We glide the razor gently over the skin, holding the skin taut with the free hand while shaving slowly using short strokes. We keep the razor well rinsed to avoid clogging the blade and apply more water if necessary. We are especially careful around the neck areas, as these can be particularly sensitive.

The result
Once the shave has been completed we rinse the face with cool water to close the pores and pat the skin dry. We follow with an intense moisturiser to restore lost moisture to the skin

Your skin will be noticeably cleaner, tighter and hair free for longer. Not as scary as it sounds, now right?