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The top 7 women’s fashion trends for Summer/Autumn 2016

What woman doesn’t like updating their wardrobe with the latest trends in the fashion industry? You’re out to reinvent yourself, so why not grab the most luxurious trends and stylish fashion statements you can find. So far this year, it’s been all about minimalism with a flashy twist and this trend is expected to continue into the second half of 2016 and the highly anticipated Summer/Autumn season. Before you head to the stores this weekend, take inspiration from these top fashion trends.

1.) Matching sets
You’ve probably heard of the fashion advice to never wear one color from head to toe. Forget about that and get sophisticated in matching sets of neutrals or bold colors. Look for jumpsuits and overalls or choose a matching cropped top with your trousers or culottes. It doesn’t have to be just solid colors. You can also go for matching sets in geometric prints, stripes, and bold florals. Maybe a skirt and top set in new-age floral patterns would be perfect for the summer.

2. Mule shoes
The mule shoes have clomped their way through history. But they’re not going anywhere…yet. Look for pieces that will jazz up even the most boring outfits. Maybe you could look for a pair in suede and bold colors like purple or deep red. Otherwise, you can get pairs in snakeskin or metallic. You can wear this trend with anything – from your expensive ripped jeans to your vintage pencil skirt. If you’re more about comfort, go for mule flats but don’t hesitate to get heeled mules as they can be as comfy as slippers as well.

3. Culottes
This trend has come a long way from the original culotte breeches that were popular in early 20th century France. Well-tailored and sophisticated culottes are gracing the runways of top designers. So make sure you grab a pair or two to stay on trend this year. Look for a pair in pastels or neutrals, which will work perfectly for the summer. You can wear your culottes with sweaters, blouses, and graphic tees based on your personal style.

4. Pencil midi skirt
Think fifties with a modern twist. While the midi skirt has been in trend for a while, this year it’s all about edgy embellishments and textures like zippers and leather. So with this trend, you won’t end up looking like you’re wearing a fifties housewife Halloween costume. The pencil midi skirt would look great with anything from sleeveless cropped tops to concert tees. Maybe you could get one in leather and suede with exquisite sequin embellishment for the perfect statement skirt.

5. Slip dress
This trend was once a favorite among top models like Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss during the nineties. Now it’s making a comeback with top celebrities like Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence sporting the slip dress. Maybe you could go for one with a slinky silhouette that will hug your curves in all the right places. Or you could also get an A-cut piece that will look great for any body type.

The slip dress looks great with anything. You can wear it as is with stilettos or white kicks. If you need some cover-up, opt for an oversized sweater for daywear and a leather jacket for the night. This trend will be great if you’re looking for the perfect evening wear to invest in.

6. Chinoiserie jacket
Designers have been getting inspiration from East Asian patterns and textiles this year. Sport this hot trend in the form of a chic bomber jacket that will look great with both casual and formalwear. Look for a piece embellished with ornamental flowers, so you can even wear it with your fancy cocktail dress. If you’re going to wear this jacket with sport shoes, avoid going all-over athletic and pair the look with a classy wrap dress or a leather mini skirt.

7. Statement handbag
If you’re not too fond of experimenting with different looks and edgy outfits, you can at least make a statement with bold graphic bags. From fringes to quirky shapes, handbags have been bolder than ever this year. Keep the rest of your outfit minimal and rock a bag with the craziest colors and design you can find.

Although these are the top trends, remember to follow them only if you feel comfortable in them. It’s always important to let your personality speak out through the clothes that you wear.

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