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The ultimate guide to men’s razors and the best luxury buys for 2020

By LLM Reporters  |  April 27, 2020

When you’ve got an important board meeting or black-tie event coming up, it’s important to look your best – and the sartorial gentleman knows that, just as choosing the sharpest of suits is of the utmost importance, so, too, is achieving a clean shave.

Presentation is everything, and looking smart and suave is guaranteed to create the right impression, whatever the situation. But, choose the wrong razor for your morning routine, and it could all go horribly wrong.

As with many things, when it comes to razors, you often get what you pay for – and the unsightly nicks, cuts and bumps that may result from a poor shave will have you wishing you’d splashed out on a better one. With so many different kinds of razors on the market to choose from – from cartridge to cut-throat, safety to electric, knowing which is the best pick for your requirements is not always easy – so we’ve broken them down for you here to help you better understand your options.

The Bladesman Double Edge Safety Razor is guaranteed to give you a close, clean shave – and better yet, it’s a sustainable choice, too

We’ve also rounded up some of the best luxury picks on the market across all categories, all of which are guaranteed to set you off on the road to sophisticated success.

Safety razors

Safety razors offer suave sophistication without the fear factor. Fitted with a protective shield between the edge of the device and the skin to prevent you from cutting your skin so easily, they are a great route into the world of men’s shaving for those in pursuit of a close shave, and especially where a cartridge razor just doesn’t cut it.

Essentially, if you’re looking to get a barbershop quality shave in the comfort of your own home, without the need for the same level of skill, then this is the type of razor for you.

The Bladesman Double-Edge Safety Razor (£57.50) – LLM Top Pick

The Bladesman Double-Edge Safety Razor is guaranteed to give you a close, clean shave – and better yet, it’s a sustainable choice, too. Designed with durability in mind and with a firm focus on reducing our collective carbon footprint, it’s the ideal choice for eco-conscious males. This single-blade, double-edge razor glides easily across the skin without pulling, and is made from a long-lasting brass alloy. It doesn’t just perform well, it looks good, too – and promises to elevate your morning shave to sophisticated new heights.

Feather AS-D2 DE Stainless-Steel Double-Edge Safety Razor (£160)

The perfect choice for first-time double-edge razor users, the Feather AS-D2 is the epitome of sophistication. Weightier in the head than it is the handle, it’s a well-balanced razor that is easy to control for a smooth shave that s free of any nicks or cuts, and is incredibly gentle on the skin. Its engraved handle also makes it easier to get a grip on when holding during a wet shave.

Pils Double-Edge Safety Razor (£174.76)

This premium German shaving company has gained itself an esteemed reputation on a global scale, so it comes as little surprise that its razor offerings both meet and exceed expectations. The safety razor is made from premium-quality, solid stainless steel, with a robust and weight handle that makes it a good choice for the more experienced shaver. Sitting comfortably in the palm throughout your routine, it’s a top pick for men with denser beard growth to contend with.

The Bluebeards Revenge Cutlass Double-Edge Safety Razor (34.99)

The solid and sturdy Cutlass guarantees a perfect morning shave like never before. Crisp, classic and precision-engineered, it features a sturdy aluminium handle with a zinc alloy head, with its single blade allowing for a much closer shave than any cartridge razor could ever provide. Embossed with a raised diamond pattern to provide grip even when wet, its alluring gunmetal finish makes it the perfect bathroom accessory, too – because let’s face it, some razors look just as good sitting on your bathroom shelf.

Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Double-Edge Safety Razor in Chrome Barley (£76)

A best seller within the Edwin Jagger collection, the Chatsworth razor, manufactured in Sheffield, the UK, features a precision-engineered, chrome-plated head to guarantee the closest of shaves. Engraved with a Barley pattern finish in high-quality chrome plate, this beautiful piece of art is another great pick.

Straight razors

The prospect of shaving with a straight razor may seem unnerving at first, but get to grips with how to use one and you’ll never look back. Straight razors, which are also known as cut-throats, offer the closest of shaves with minimum irritation, and are made with blades that can fold away into their handles. The predecessors of the modern straight razors include bronze razors, with cutting edges and fixed handles, produced by craftsmen from Ancient Egypt during the New Kingdom.

Here are our top luxury picks of modern straight razors.

Michael Waterhouse England Cocobolo French Point 7/8 Straight Razor (£280) – LLM Top Pick

Suave and sophisticated, this stunning Michael Waterhouse razor features genuine cocobolo scales which are handmade and sealed to protect from moisture. In fact, the entire razor is handmade in England, with the blade crafted from British 01 carbon steel, hardened to 59 Rc.

Finished with buffalo horn spacers and nickel silver pins with contrasting brass washers, this is one exceptional piece of shaving equipment, and comes honed to 12000 grit for the ultimate wet shave.

Murdock London Straight Razor (£162)

When it comes to expert craftsmanship, the Murdock London straight razor has got it by the shed load. Crafted from steel for the sharpest cutting results, its single blade has been sharpened and honed by hand to achieve a perfectly refined cutting edge, while its handle is made from an ebony resin.

Boker Arbolito Black 5/8 Straight Razor (£190)

Made in Solingen, this high-quality cut-throat razor is one of the very finest that money can buy. With its blade polished to within an inch of its life, it features the traditional Spanish point, with its scales made from moisture-resistant synthetic and featuring an inlay that is inserted by hand by craftsmen.

Cartridge razors

If a quick and easy shave is still your vibe, then worry not, because there are still some great quality cartridge razors on the market that will guarantee you smooth results with minimal fuss. You don’t need to have any particular level of skill or expertise to shave with a cartridge razor – but do bear in mind that your results won’t be quite as close as with a safety or straight razor.

Here are our top picks.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Fusion Razor with Birch Wood Handle (£159) – LLM Top Pick

Established in 1984 on London’s fashionable Bond Street, Taylor of Old Bond Street is today one of the oldest and most respected barbershops in the world. The expertly crafted Fusion Razor, made from a combination of birchwood and chrome for an aesthetically pleasing result, offers a clean shave and looks the part, too.

Acqua di Parma Collezione Barbiere Razor and Stand (£292)

Although shaving equipment may not be Acqua di Parma’s speciality, its Collezione Barbiere range is not to be sniffed at, and is a nod to the traditional art of Italian wet shaving. Fusing Italian craftsmanship with outstanding ergonomic design, its wenge wood and burnished brass handle make this an impressive and innovative luxury razor, with its arched shape providing balance and ease of control, with a firm and steady grip.