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The ultimate men’s dress shoe guide

How many pairs of shoes do you own right now? And be honest with yourself – it’s no longer a secret that us millennial gentleman like to take a little more care of our appearance. I’ll start: I own three pairs of trainers, one pair of suede boots, two pairs of brogues (one black and one brown), a pair of boat shoes, and a dodgy pair of sandals that my dear grandma gifted to me one year before a family vacation.

From the above, it’s clear that I have a little variety tucked away on my shoe rack. But, for all that variety, I only ever wear a few pairs on a regular basis; and I certainly don’t experiment much with the attire that I pit each set of shoes with.

Many men suffer from a general lack of knowledge when it comes to fashion, and in particular footwear. For example, although we own all the right shoes, we often mistakenly pair them with the wrong weathers, environments, and clothes; think of the guy wearing socks and sandals in the middle of a really wet winter… It’s tragic.

brown leather shoes
There are many types of men’s shoes, and getting the perfect look starts from the feet up

Thankfully, the expert team over at Stand-Out has put together the ultimate infographic for those men that would like a little insider information when it comes to picking out their next set of shoes.

Whether you’re shopping for the office, the bar, the beach, or even the gym, Stand-Out’s infographic has style tips on every type of footwear imaginable: flip flops, classic penny loafers, desert boots, cap-toe Oxfords, and even comfy household slippers.

Alongside each type of shoe is an easy to understand key that identifies which weathers to wear each foot garment in and what style of clothing they should be accompanied by: smart, casual, or gym. The key even helps to educated you on whether or not you should be wearing socks with your chosen sneaks, which will really help you to cut down on smelly foot odours in the long run, and save you the embarrassment of awkward sock sightings while rocking your rolled-up chinos and boat shoes this summer.

Better yet, a quick visit to Stand-Out’s online store will help you to follow up on your newly founded knowledge and make smart, designer label choices when adding further accessories. The Stand-Out store houses many brands, including favourites such as Levi’s, Lyle and Scott, Hype t-shirts, and Superdry, so there’s no excuse for lacklustre fashion in the future.

The Ultimate Men's Dress Shoe Guide