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De Caron’s unique watch rings add a touch of practical luxury to your jewellery box

Your Fitbit, your watch, your Vivienne Westwood bracelet…when it comes to accommodating all of your favourite accessories, sometimes there just aren’t enough arms to go around, and often it can mean that some of your most prized pieces of jewellery remain sadly in their boxes at home. From sentimental gifts to longed for purchases, it’s a sad state of affairs when that bracelet you were so excited about just doesn’t have a place on your wrist, and sometimes, it takes a bit of thinking outside the box to make your arm attire work.

One brand that is offering up a novel solution to the fashion-conscious is De Caron, creator of a unique and practical watch ring that is taking the fashion world by utterly practical storm. Inspired by historic figure Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais, who originally dreamt up the concept back in 1754, the functional lifestyle jewellery brand boasts an array of tiny, dainty watches that sit comfortably on your finger – making room on those arms for all of your unworn bracelets, and making a pretty unique fashion statement, too.

De Caron offers a unique and discrete alternative to the traditional watch

“Our watches are the perfect solution for those in search of a practical yet chic accessory, offering a discrete and easy way to keep up with the time. We’ve thought outside of the box to create our range, bringing a unique and now sought-after product to the market”, says Sarah Edinger, Creative Director at De Caron.

With a range of 11 luxury ring watches to choose from in a range of different colours, the watch ring is fast becoming an everyday essential for De Caron’s fast-growing customer base. Elegant and understated, the rings are versatile enough to be worn with virtually any outfit, whether you like to wear lashings of arm candy or prefer to keep your accessories as minimal.

The watch ring is an inspired idea, and one that goes back a long way – a fact that De Caron is proud to confirm. And the story behind the brand’s name is an impressive one.

“Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais was the son of Parisian master watchmaker, André Charles Caron – himself the son of Daniel Caron, also a watchmaker”, explains Sarah. “He followed family tradition and started an apprenticeship at his father’s workshop in Paris, at a time when watchmaking was thought to have reached its highest degree of refinement. Nevertheless, these exquisite works of art still weren’t able to accurately tell the time, often running more than half an hour ahead. Pierre-Augustin Caron, who was just 19 years old at the time, decided to solve this problem, and achieved an escapement that revolutionized watchmaking, rendering timepieces slim and readable and laying the foundations for the watches we have today.”

De Caron’s creations are fast becoming a must-have accessory

No mean feat – but his greatest achievements were yet to come. An inventor far ahead of his time, Pierre-Augustin went on to impress the King with his creations, and it was this that would seal his fate.

“King Louis XV ordered several watches from Caron, who created a fob watch for the sovereign and a miniaturised watch in a ring setting for Madame de Pompadour, the king’s mistress”, explains Sarah. “The Monarch was so delighted with this never-seen-before miniature watch on a ring that he also ordered one for himself, propelling Caron into Versailles where all the court nobles gave him their watch orders. At the tender age of just 22, Pierre-Augustin Caron received the highly prestigious title of ‘horologist to the king’.”

While the thoroughly modern De Caron brand continues to lead in innovation with its rather more advanced designs, it’s safe to say that it also bears some striking similarities to its namesake. Just as Pierre-Augustin’s forward-thinking creation allowed Madame de Pompadour to become a trendsetter of her time, the brand’s range of modern, luxury ring watches allow the fashion-forward set of today to do just the same – attracting glances for all the right reasons.

De Caron’s ring watches aren’t just for females

“Our functional lifestyle jewellery was created for trendsetters who are always in search for something unusual – and aren’t afraid of making a fashion statement”, says Sarah.

“To us, versatility and innovative design is key in our pursuit to delight and amaze trendsetters around the world, and we create jewellery that makes the wearer stand out from the crowd – combining functionality, originality and artistry.”

“Most accessories nowadays are visual symbols of one’s status and personality. Intentionally or not, what people wear says a lot about them, and by wearing our designs, our customers are not only showing off their impeccable taste, but also their appreciation for the art of watch making.”

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