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3 beautiful and sophisticated alternatives to diamond engagement rings

By LLM Reporters  |  August 11, 2021
engagement ring

Planning a proposal is serious business, and from the location to the big moment, it’s important to get every last detail right. One of the biggest considerations of asking that special someone to be your partner for life (or being asked yourself) is the ring. After all, it’s the most significant piece of jewellery they will ever receive – and one that will remain on their finger for life.

Diamonds have long been the traditional choice when it comes to luxury engagement rings – and the bigger and sparklier, the better, that is, unless it’s for someone with more understated tastes, and who might prefer something a little more subtle. Either way, it has generally been accepted for some years now that diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend – but an increasing number of women are opting to buck the trend these days, opting for something a little more unique instead.

From sapphires to moissanite, the choices are seemingly endless, and offer a great way to choose something that matches their personality and tastes, allowing them to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Make sure that you’re purchasing the very best gemstone that money can buy, to ensure you get the answer you want. Here are some of the alternative stones you might want to consider when planning that perfect surprise.


sapphire ring

The dark and mysterious sapphire comes with a special air of sophistication, making it one of the best alternatives to diamonds for engagement rings. Traditionally said to symbolise faithfulness, sincerity and good fortune, it certainly seems like a fitting choice to mark the initial cementing of a couple’s commitment, and it pairs effortlessly with a range of different metals and diamond accents for a beautiful and unusual choice.

The sapphire enjoys a score of nine on the Mohs scale, which measures a stone’s relative resistance to scratching. For this reason, it’s a great, hard-wearing choice that can effortlessly withstand day to day wear and tear, and with the right cut, will still be shining just as brightly in years to come.

Moissanite rings

moissanite ring

Discovered by the French scientist Henry Moissan in 1893, this lab-made stone exudes a similar beauty to the more traditional diamond. Indeed, in its early years, many people thought it was a diamond thanks to its very close resemblance when inspected with the naked eye. Graded solely on its colour and durability, it’s scored at 9.5 on the Mohs scale, which makes it another great choice for everyday wear. So that’s the practical bit – but whether its glitter and sparkle measure up is likely your biggest concern. The good news is that Moissanite Engagement Rings stand up well against diamonds on all counts – check out Alexander Sparks, Inc. for some of the best.

Emerald rings

emerald ring

With their beautiful green hue, emeralds are a classy and sophisticated choice that scream individuality and the utmost in sophistication. Available in a variety of different shapes that enable them to be used in the creation of fully custom-made rings for something truly one-of-a-kind, they do fare a little lower on the Mohs scale, coming in at 7.5 – but what they lack in durability, they more than make up for in beauty.

With a little more care taken by the wearer and regular polishing, they can still be kept in excellent condition over the years. Opt for a dark, yet transparent, emerald surrounded with small diamond clusters for the most impressive result, and pair with your metal of choice for an engagement ring they’ll be beyond proud to wear on their finger.

The bottom line

There are many alternatives to diamond engagement rings, so don’t be afraid to break with the norm. Although rings are a traditional representation of being engaged to the person you love, it doesn’t mean you can’t mix up the elements in order to give them a ring they will truly adore, and if you’re buying for a person who has unique and individual tastes, then any of these stones are the perfect way to show you know them inside out. And what could be more important when asking for their hand in marriage and seeking to forge a life-long partnership?