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Three ethical and sustainable men’s fashion brands that are taking their environmental responsibility very seriously

The planet is in a state of crisis, and we’re the first generation yet to be in a position not just to see the impact we are having on it, but to have the power to put stop to it before it is too late. It might sound like a dramatic way to put it, but we all have a part to play in protecting the environment and slowing climate change, and from cutting down on our single-use plastics to reducing our carbon emissions, there are plenty of ways to help.

For those of us who like to look our best at all times and enjoy living a luxury lifestyle, shopping is an area in which better habits can make a real difference. If shopping for impeccably made, high-end garments is a part of your life, then that’s a good start, as spending on high-quality pieces rather than stocking up on ‘fast fashion’ is a great way to go. Even so, there is more to being environmentally conscious when filling your wardrobe for the new season ahead, and looking for ethical and sustainable brands should become a priority.

There is a fairly loose standard for what makes a brand either of these things, but from manufacturing transparency to biodegradable clothing, some of the leading men’s fashion brands in the industry are taking steps to improve their environmental impact.

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It’s hard to argue against the moral appeal of sustainable and ethical fashion

Not only are they creating beautiful garments that will last you for years to come, but they are also paving the runway with progressive production methods and innovative textile inventions. Whoever said environmental sustainability and luxury fashion couldn’t mix?

It’s not just about making the clothes, but about marketing them, too – and many of the leading men’s fashion brands now see their ethical credentials as a key selling point. You only have to wander through the halls of London fashion week to see roller banners and signage drawing attention to some of the biggest designers’ commitment to sustainability – so it has never been easier to make a better choice. Some are even going as far as using fully recyclable and PVC Free‎ materials in their marketing banners themselves, showing just how far they are willing to go to do the right thing.

From traditional tailoring to bold, gender-neutral designs, London’s Fashion Week Men’s celebrated colour and individuality, with designers like Bethany Williams, Zilver and Oculāris ensuring sustainability was also woven into the schedule. If you’re looking for ethical men’s fashion, then look no further – because these three luxury brands have got you covered.

Rag & Bone

A luxury label as passionate about redefining urban style as it is about sustainability and local production, Rag & Bone works only with manufacturers who are committed to excellent craftsmenship and time-honoured garment creation techniques. Founded by Marcus Wainwright (now the sole owner) and Nathan Bogle in 2002, the brand is easily recognisable thanks to its New York meets British streetwear

Back in 2017, Rag & Bone partnered with Cotton Incorporated’s Blue Jeans Go Green to launch a denim recycling program where customers were asked to bring their old jeans into a store for recycling. The denim is then recycled and transformed into insulation for homes.

Christopher Raeburn

A designer that expertly combines high fashion with genuine sustainability, Christopher Raeburn – which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year – takes its environmental responsibility very seriously. Stating “we need to evolve or die”, Raeburn unapologetically challenges and disrupts the industry, and with clothing lines including Ræmade, which is created from surplus or remnant materials, Ræcycled, made from recycled PET, and Ræduced, a jersey selection produced from 100 per cent organic cotton, the commitment is clear. 


In a world of fast fashion, Everlane’s streamlined, quality-driven approach to clothing is a breath of fresh air. The brand is fully transparent about its manufacturing process and when shopping, you can see everything from how much a product costs to make to how much it gets marked up. This forward-thinking approach has won it respect amongst environmentally conscious buyers, holding itself accountable to its customers – and despite its prices still being reasonably high, its honesty has won it a loyal legion of fans.

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