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Top fashion tips for the super stylish older gentleman

By LLM Reporters on 26th March 2019

For reasons largely unknown to the wit of man, for a senior figure to preserve a sense of sophisticated style takes willingness and work of a kind that younger generations simply do not need.

Whether your retirement has you curling up into a luxury care home, striding out across the world, or simply sitting by a fireside and composing your memoirs, keeping up appearances are still very much within the realm of possibility. By following these five simple guidelines, a man can stay well dressed, whatever his age.

Keep it simple

In younger days, you might have been more able to pull off shirts with elaborate patterns, or even esoteric accessories like chains, the odd asymmetrical earring set, or even a stylish bracelet. In later years, this may seem desperately aping a time that has long since passed. Contentment and acceptance are excellent stylish watchwords.

If you are going to make a statement with your clothing choice, make the one you want to make, and make only one

Be singularly bold

If you are going to make a statement with your clothing choice, make the one you want to make, and make only one. Bright colours can work fine, but not when blended with complex cuts or confusing patterns. Spending time in away from the working world’s front line does not mean the same thing as dumbing yourself down.

Formal is fashionable

Casualness is like gravity. It is infinitely easier to fall downward in its direction, than to rise upwards in the opposing direction. In times of seniority, it might be tempting to relax and leave efforts towards formality to the younger bucks. That could be a mistake. The luxury and effortlessness of life that you might experience in places like this care home in Tallington specialising in Dementia care, is not necessarily a chance to relax and rest further. Instead, this kind of opulence is an excellent opportunity to redirect your energies elsewhere, leaving life’s everyday tediums to well trained staff, while you work on being the best version of yourself. Orienting towards the formal end of the spectrum gives your style an air of timeless class that might not always be achievable when starting from the casualwear cupboards. Better to style down from formalwear than trying to elevate your casual slacks.

Maintenance is everything

The American journalist, writer, and filmmaker Nora Ephorn once famously said: “At 60 you have to spend at least eight hours a week on maintenance – just to keep you from looking like someone who no longer cares.” This may seem like a typical example of Trans-Atlantic hyperbole, and the statement may be further exaggerated by the increased focus on such things caused by the way fashion is marketed towards women, but in the twilight times you need to make the most of your sunset sunshine. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that age is an excuse for lethargy. While it might not be skincare or make up, haircuts, aftershave, and a well scented shower gel are all extremely valuable purchases.

A regular visit to the barber can help you look your very best. Image credit: Evgeniy Ivanov/

Pride has no point

Just as we hoped that our wisdom might be passed to those who will come to surpass us, so we should hope that their modern sensibilities might be usefully gifted to us with a surplus of years. Do not be afraid to enquire for ideas from a younger man, especially one who particularly enjoys the fashion world and its many peccadillos and peculiarities.

Generations care for their own

Designers age just like the rest of us. If you keep your eyes peeled you will see people with a birthday year close to your own working in the fashion industry. Much as you have your own wisdom and experience which you would be keen to share to those younger, they will have plenty that they can share to their co-generationalists.

The biggest preventable pestilence that plagues the older ones among us is defeatism. Never let yourself say “I’m too old”. Instead say “I’m this old, which means…”. Age apt is very different from overly aged. An equine’s preferred racetrack may change with time, but the phrase horses for courses still rings true.

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