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Top male luxury lifestyle influencers to follow in 2021

By LLM Reporters  |  August 14, 2021
man wearing designer suit

From the latest luxury cars to the hottest new designers to be seen in, Instagram has long been our go-to for inspiration, and if you’ve ever wondered what to wear that weekend or where to travel to for your next five-star getaway, then the chances are that you’ve spent a good few hours wading through hashtags and high-end accounts in the quest for new ideas.

It’s hard to remember a time before social media, with the answers to all of our luxury lifestyle questions now available at our fingertips, anytime, anywhere – and with new influencers emerging seemingly by the week, it can be difficult to keep track of who you should be keeping up with. 

We asked the social media experts at Famoid to share some of their top men’s luxury lifestyle influencers to follow this summer, each promising a regular stream of sartorial style, covetable car collections, world-class watches – and, of course, dreamy holiday destinations for some last-minute inspiration. So go ahead – hit that button, and prepare to lose several hours of your days scrolling their feeds from here on out.

Jon Olsson, Marbella and Monaco

@jonolsson1 – 1M followers

Suffice it to say that professional freeskier Jon is pretty savvy when it comes to the online space, and as well as having amassed an impressive one million followers on Instagram, he has also carefully cultivated a successful YouTube channel as an extension of his brand. Regularly flitting between his two homes in Monaco and Marbella, he documents a lavish lifestyle featuring luxury yachts, supercars and some of the most expensive hotels in the world. With collaborations to his name including Aston Martin, Leica Mobile and many more, he is also the proud owner of two fashion brands – C’est Normal and Douchebags, having turned his ever increasing influence into an empire.

Jacob Riglin, London

@jacob – 1M followers

A British luxury lifestyle influencer, YouTuber, photographer and entrepreneur, Jacob has spent the past few years travelling the globe in search of the latest and greatest luxury destinations, most recently including Mykonos, Hawaii and the Philippines. A quick scroll of his feed and you’ll see him regularly taking the latest luxury cars for test drives, and thanks to ongoing partnerships with Mercedes Benz and Audi, we can expect to see much more from him in relation to hitting the road in style.

Renan Pacheco, Paris

@iamrenanpacheco – 621K followers

If you’re looking for an extravagant lifestyle to follow in pictures, then Renan’s won’t disappoint. A Paris-based actor and luxury influencer, he has starred in media campaigns for brands including Jean Paul Gaultier, Zadig, Voltaire and L’oreal Paris alongside his acting endeavours, and shares perfectly composed images of futuristic cars, opulent beach escapes and the latest designer watches. Add to that an appealing insight into the privileged Parisian lifestyle he enjoys each day, and it’s difficult not to get hooked.

Tom Claeren, Monaco

@tomclaeren – 611K followers

Specialising in luxury cars, Tom is an influencer, entrepreneur, actor and high-end content producer who you’ll want to add to your ‘following’ list fast. With a fast-growing audience thanks to his Monaco-focussed content, he has to date worked alongside brands including Bentley, Chopard, Louis Vuitton and Don Perignon, with his content encompassing all elements of the luxury lifestyle – but it’s easy to see that his true passion is for getting behind the wheel, with one of his most recent snaps showing him preparing to take a brand new Rolls Royce for a spin.

Louis Nicolas Darbon, Los Angeles 

@louisnicolasdarbon – 269K followers

A French artist and luxury lifestyle influencer based in London, Louis’ feed is an addictive mixture of his artistic creations and the covetable luxury lifestyle he enjoys daily. Having collaborated with some of the world’s biggest luxury brands, including Bentley, Chopard and Jaeger LeCoutre, he can regularly be seen cruising the streets in prestigious cars, taking helicopter rides and, currently, jaunting around the Amalfi Coast in all of the sartorial style you’d expect.