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Top men’s designer shoe styles to elevate your beachwear this summer

Whether you’re flying to Hawaii or Tahiti, the beach is one of the few places where you’ll more than likely want to give that sharp suit a break. The majority of us venture to the seaside to relax, unwind and escape the stresses of the daily grind, and your beach attire should absolutely reflect this more laid-back vibe. Even so, trading jacket and trousers for beachwear doesn’t have to mean foregoing your usual sense of style, and there are lots of sophisticated options besides the usual tank tops, swimming trunks and flip-flops. The evenings are the perfect opportunity for you to channel relaxed summer cool – and the key is all in the footwear. The right pair of men’s designer shoes can be all you need to elevate a pared down look to a stylish success, ensuring you look your best for dinner, whatever the weather.

That’s right – some great footwear is more essential for your luxury resort wardrobe than you might have thought, and including a pair of designer shoes into your rotation is an easy way to add a little something extra to your evening looks. Take, for example, a simple pair of chinos; you can dress them up with leather Oxfords, or dress them down with an edgy pair of trainers. Trendy men’s shoes can make all the difference in giving any outfit a luxurious upgrade, and the more pairs you have to choose from, the better.

If your luxurious summer getaway is fast approaching, then it’s time to get shopping and start planning that holiday wardrobe now. There are plenty of trendy online menswear to choose from, but here are a few of our favourites from Differio – some top beach-ready footwear styles that’ll work for a range of summer activities.

If your luxurious summer getaway is fast approaching, then it’s time to get shopping and start planning that holiday wardrobe now

Slide Sandals

When it comes to men’s sandals, it seems like no men’s lifestyle magazine can get enough of cool sliders. The humble flip-flop’s luxury cousin, they look great paired with a casual blazer or a pair of simple swimming shorts. These men’s fashion shoes are designed to look both effortless and stylish – opt for dark shades for a more luxe feel.

Think of this styling concept as being similar to wearing black jeans for a special occasion. According to colour psychology, we often associate darker colors with luxury and exclusivity. Just add a designer logo for the complete luxury effect.

Leather Sandals

Leather is one of the go-to materials for making your outfit appear more expensive and high-end. Avoid faux leather to avoid looking gaudy – simple looks are all about quality, and if you cheat, it’ll show.

When styling men’s leather sandals, less is really more, and if you’re going for a luxe beach outfit then it’s the perfect way to make a statement. With this in mind, team with simple, neutral-toned clothes and avoid overkill by keeping any other leather elements to a minimum. Don’t forget, water destroys leather – so save these men’s designer shoes for a night out at a tropical lounge or tiki bar and avoid the beach itself.

Some great footwear is more essential for your luxury resort wardrobe than you might have thought

Slip-On Trainers

Slip-on trainers are by far one of the most comfortable styles of men’s fashion shoes, and although it might seem an odd concept to wear sneakers at the beach, you can actually find some made from quick-drying spandex blends which make them suitable for wearing around water.

Lending a nod to the scuba trend, spandex materials add a futuristic, high-fashion feel. Since slip-on sneakers resemble the look of loafers, it adds that dress-shoe silhouette without the stiffness of an Oxford shoe, making for a more relaxed feel.

In order to make low-top trainers look luxurious with beachwear, you can pair them with a breezy camp shirt and a pair of airy linen trousers for a romantic date night or dinner with friends. This style of trendy men’s shoes can easily be dressed up or dressed down for a variety of occasions, making it the perfect choice for a long summer’s getaway.

It’s true what they say; the first thing anyone will notice about you in any situation is your shoes – so get that right, and you’re good to go.