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Top tips for looking and feeling amazing this party season


The party season is nearly upon us, but it’s now that you need to start preparing to ensure you are the belle of the ball this year. Here are some top tips to ensure you are the talk of the party… but for the right reasons.

#1. Exfoliate from top-to-toe each and every week.

This may sound extreme, but if you want your fake tan to look outstanding, you’ll need to start with a clean slate before each application. Exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface, and has been used for many years to help maintain healthy skin and results in smooth, healthy, and radiant skin. If you don’t, your tan won’t last very long and it will also look patchy and streaky. Exfoliating or dry body brushing also does wonders for your circulation,helping to eliminate toxins from the body. This means you’ll be left with smoother, healthier skin, which you know is a wonderful thing. The award winning Tan Erase by TanOrganic is the ultimate exfoliator, it can be used wet or dry and for optimum results, it is best to clean your skin first preferably in a hot shower with a mild shower gel.

24k Gold Collagen Face Mask from

#2. Get your skin hydrated

Other than stepping off a long-haul flight, there’s nothing more dehydrating on your skin than the party season! From too many alcoholic beverages to an over indulgence of salty, fried food, not to mention the cold climate and dry air from air conditioning, skin is often left looking dull and tired. Help combat this by hydrating your skin early, so the damage is less prominent. This means drinking at least two litres of water each day, and adding hydration-boosting products to your skin care regime such as Oil Arganic.

Oil Arganic is a dry oil, made with a unique blend of Argan Oil, Borage Seed Oil, Aloe Vera, Orange Peel Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba seed oil, Rosehip Fruit Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Hempseed Oil & Olive Oil. Dry oil unlike traditional moisturisers dries instantly when applied to the body, leaving the skin feeling silky smooth, and without any oily residue unlike traditional lotions. Body oils also contain no water, which means it is absorbed into the skin leaving it moisturised for longer.

To rejuvenate your face we recommend a 24K Gold Collagen Mask available from When applied to the skin, the Gold Collagen Facial Mask immediately forms a protective layer, which instantly reacts to the skin’s natural chemistry and helps to replace the collagen that decreases with age. These amazing masks are 95% high performance moisturiser that are absorbed at 10 times the rate of a traditional face-mask. It tightens the skin and facilitates the removal of toxins. This will brighten the complexion, soften and smooth the appearance of fine lines and produce a lasting youthful glow.

#3. Get your tan right… right!

Getting the right tan can make or break any party outfit. There is nothing worse than a streaky, patchy fake tan that looks fake or even worse, makes you look like an extra from Charlie and the Chocolate factory! Add the stomach churning biscuit / curry smell that is associated with other fake tans and you will be alone under the mistletoe. Getting your fake tan perfect is essential and if you have followed the steps above, you are on the right track. TanOrganic self-tan is an Aloe Vera based self-tan that has no synthetic drying agents so it will not dry your skin, instead you will have smooth and silky skin with a beautiful, professional looking finish. If you prefer a darker shade then try a second or third layer to find the exact shade you prefer and you can rest assured that your skin is not absorbing harsh chemicals or parabens as TanOrganic is completely natural. TanOrganic will also give you a perfect fade when used with Oil Arganic so there is no need to shun civilization or spend hours scrubbing away a patchy tan!

If you prefer a glow rather than a tan then TanOrganic’s self-tanning oil is the answer to your prayers. This self-tanning oil is a world’s first as it’s a body oil that gives a subtle tan. It’s lighter than a tan but darker than a gradual tanner. It is ideal for those who prefer a natural glow and is the perfect facial tan recently winning the best facial tanner by RSVP magazine.

#4. Pamper your feet.

The party season means party heels. And party heels are strappy and open-toed, which means horrible feet are a HUGE no-no. Before you start applying your favourite bottle of nail polish, we suggest beautifying your feet first. If you’re looking for an easy but extremely effective option, try Soft Feet available from Made with fruit acid, Soft Feet is an easy to use product, which will leave the soles of your feet soft, smooth and completely reborn. Another key tool to help your feet survive the party season is a gel cushion… after all, they’re called ‘killer heels’ for a reason. They’re essential for an evening out, as they’ll not only help prevent high heels ruining your night, but they’ll also help you to carve up the dance floor for hours on end and you won’t end up walking home barefoot in the freezing cold.

#5. Prepare healthy meals each day.

The party season doesn’t just take its toll on your looks – it wreaks havoc with your insides too. Eating badly is practically inevitable and after a few drinks our will power and resolve are somewhat diminished (or non-existent) – how many times have we uttered those immortal words ‘sure it’s Christmas.’ If you’re organised and eating a plenty of vegetables, fresh fruit, and healthy proteins and carbohydrates most of the time, your body will be more equipped to deal with the onslaught of unhealthy food and drinks. This pre-therapy will also help you recover quicker after a big night, lower your chances of getting sick, and decrease your chances of putting on a few extra kilos…. leaving you in good stead for the ritual new year gym resolution.