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Top tips to create a successful work-life balance

By James Wong   |  

When your own successful business is built around helping other hyper-successful people live in a balanced way, you end up knowing a thing or two about the age old work-life balance problem. Michael Serwa, a Mayfair-based Ferrari of personal coaches, has had his own challenges in this space, as well as learning from his diverse range of clients. All highly successful, driven and accomplished CEO’s, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals, he works with his clients to achieve nothing less than a fulfilled, phenomenal life. A significant part of his coaching focuses on work-life balance and his clients pay up to £35k a year for his advice.

He said “As a man of success myself, and a man who works exclusively with the hyper-successful, I value measurable results – even in the pursuit of the perfect work-life balance. Using my improved version of what is known as the wheel of life, we discover which part of their lives are dominating, which are being maintained without any real consideration, and which are being utterly disregarded. Not only do I know the patterns in where we start, but also through the progress of their successes, failures and achievements in attainment of this perfect balance.”

Michael shares with us the tips to a successful work-life balance.

Michael Serwa
Michael Serwa is the Ferrari of personal coaches

Prioritise what is important

“Get clear on what you value most in life, because to plan your time, you need to consider what it is you’re putting in there. Most people who sit down and actually think hard about this realise they’re prioritising things they don’t actually care about. So, consider – what is it you want in your life? What makes you cry with joy? What gives you peace? Who can’t you help but smile around? Where is it that your shoulders drop and you can breathe with ease? What will you remember when you’re lying on your deathbed?”

Schedule it

“Now you know what’s important, get your schedule out and make it work. Fight your instinct and old thinking of what was important. You can think about your values and priorities all you like, but unless they are in your diary with a date and time, they don’t happen, just like they haven’t until now.”

Remember that time is more valuable than money

“You are the provider – but what are you providing? You are highly responsible in all areas of your life and a big part of your place in your family is in your provider role. Yes, they appreciate the house, the education, the beautiful cars, vacations and watches, but they would trade it all in to spend more time with you. Remember that what you provide in who you are will provide your loved ones with much more than what your income can give them.”

Balance takes daily consideration

“You must be flexible. Make the choice to commit to the balance every day, knowing that every day, week and month will bring a different challenge and set of priorities to juggle. Be in the moment. See what is needed right now and go with it. Some days you go to your child’s first day of school, others you are at work 18 hours with a client emergency.”

Accept that you’ll miss out

“You will miss out one way or the other. Get over it, accept it and own it. Because ultimately, sacrifice is a necessity in your life. When you have so much success, love and goodness in your life, you will have to choose between incredible events, people and opportunities. Consider it a miracle you have so many things that are that important to you and make the choice with some damn gratitude.”

Image 2 - credit Yogasphere
Despite the continuous pursuit for work-life balance not many of us are managing it. Image credit: Yogasphere

Get creative about how you make it work

“Ask yourself, how can you do what you want in a different way than you’re doing now? Look what other people are doing. Working from home, different times of day, around your other priorities? Play with it and explore it. This is your life, so be the designer of it.”

Set boundaries

“Know your edge and get close to it, but under no circumstances go over it. Those who do end up forgetting the boundaries they once had and burnout becomes inevitable. It’s simple to avoid a burnout when your focus is on balance – know your limit and your warning signs. Make a list of what happens when you’re doing too much: physically, mentally, what happens in your relationships, the quality of your work, what you’re eating and so on. Know when you’re going too far, and when you see it, do something about it.”

Be absolute in your commitment to your balance

“In reality, simply put, this balance is your life. When my clients get clear to this fact, they forget the word ‘balance’ and remember why any of this actually matters at all. Do not compromise on the highest quality of your life: the quality of your time spent on this earth, who you spend it with and how you feel in body and mind when you are here.”