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Tried and Tested: Face modelling with Ireland’s leading facialist Agnes Gajewska

By LLM Reporters  |  August 19, 2021

Words by Moe McCarthy

Agnes Gajewska is an in-demand facialist who works at Essentials Salon in Dublin. She’s on a mission to convince Botox-reliant clients into considering alternatives, such as her scalpel free face modelling treatment.

Face modelling treatments are a new scalpel-free way to stay younger by keeping muscles strong and toned. The technique includes neck and shoulder examination with body cupping massage and kinetic therapy, osteopathic massage technique, buccal massage (inside your mouth), face cupping to promote glowing skin and aesthetic taping on the face. Facial massage in an instant relaxer, while the treatment overall works wonders with sinus congestion and flushing out toxins. If clients don’t wish to leave the salon with the aesthetic tapes on, Agnes can always prepare them to be worn later that evening, too.

I headed over to meet Agnes at Essentials Salon to indulge in ‘Face Modelling by Agnes’ and also find out all there is to know about the treatment. This non-invasive treatment left my skin toned, tightened and healthy and cannot recommend it enough. It also relieved stress and tension, boosting circulation and flushing away toxins. Agnes is a complete skin and wellbeing expert and educated me on our complex facial muscles and the effect different exercises can have on our skin health. The treatment takes one hour and 30 minutes, it costs €130, and I left with rejuvenated skin, feeling and looking my best.

During my visit, I also had the opportunity to sit down with Agnes and ask a few questions about face modelling.

Agnes Gajewska is an in-demand facialist who works at Essentials Salon in Dublin

What would you say to anyone wanting to get Botox? 

I never recommend Botox or fillers to my clients because I know you can achieve glowing, healthy skin with advanced, non-invasive procedures and facials. The latest celebrity anti-ageing trend doesn’t involve frozen faces. Instead, it’s all about getting your face moving and subtle enhancements for a more youthful, radiant appearance. 

What exactly is face modelling? 

Face modelling is a new scalpel free way to stay looking young. This treatment keeps muscles strong and toned. Face modelling includes internal (buccal) and external massage, aesthetic taping (kinesiotape), face cupping and osteopathic method. 

At what age would you recommend getting face modelling? 

At any age, I’ve had young clients with Bell’s palsy. It really depends on the client and what they are looking to get out of the treatment. 

Why should we be cautious of invasive procedures? 

Invasive procedures can ultimately have an ageing effect on your appearance, the frozen face look has really fallen out of fashion. Also, there are many practitioners performing fillers and Botox without the correct training, and this can be extremely dangerous. 

Face modelling treatments are a new scalpel-free way to stay younger by keeping muscles strong and toned

Can people with acne or breakout prone skin get face modelling? 

I don’t recommend it for clients with acne, we have so many professional treatments for this type of skin and face modelling is not one of them.

How long do the effects of face modelling last? 

This really depends on the person; I recommend once a month and encourage clients to practice Face Yoga by Agnes in between sessions. 

Does face modelling hurt at all? 

This all really depends on the cortisol level and tension in your muscles.

To find out more, or to book an appointment with Agnes, visit