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Tried & Tested: Burberry Lip & Cheek Blooms


It’s a challenge not to get excited about the prospect of a brand new,  multi-tasking lip and cheek colour – especially when it hails from the likes of Burberry Beauty.

Extra room in your makeup bag for other beauty essentials, time saved in the morning and a baggage allowance that stretches that little bit further are big bonuses with all such products, but the new Lip & Cheek Blooms are something special in themselves – and have proved to be a summer staple that none of us should be without.

The Lip & Cheek Blooms are unique mousse-gel-creams that are light to the touch and blend with ease. There are six shades to choose from, with each one contained in a sturdy and attractive miniature glass jar.

Despite their long-wearing formula, the product glides onto the skin with ease and is not at all drying on the skin. On the cheeks, they give a beautiful radiant glow, blending well and perfecting the skin beneath while remaining streak-free.

Burberry Lip & Cheek Blooms

As with the majority of creamy cheek colours, the Lip & Cheek Blooms are not heavily pigmented, and the light formula can be sheered out for a more subtle look or layered up in order to achieve a more vibrant dash of colour.

On the lips, the Blooms dry to a finish that is closer to matt, but again they feel light and comfortable, making them incredibly easy to wear.

Wear-wise, it goes without saying that they last longer on the cheeks than the lips. Endless cups of tea throughout the day are bound to take their toll on even the hardiest of lip colours, but the Blooms do a good job and stand their ground for roughly two hours. On the cheeks, you’re looking at around 7-8 depending on how often you touch your face throughout the day, but they can be easily re-applied on the go using just the fingertips and are small enough to fit into even the daintiest of handbags.

There are six shaded to choose from, and the main matter to concern yourself with is which of them will look as good on your lips as it will your cheeks. A more pressing dilemma than you might imagine, but when the ability to multi-task is a unique selling point, choosing your shade requires careful consideration.

A personal favourite of mine is 07 Orange Blossom, which has become an essential addition to my summer makeup bag. I’m a firm believer that every woman should own a good coral lipstick and a similar toned blush, and this ticks all the boxes.

The Lip & Cheek Blooms are available from Burberry priced at £24 each.