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Up close & personal with the world’s new face of fashion, Wes Myron

At Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, it’s our job to predict future trends that you need to know about. Sometimes we get it right. Sometimes not so much. However, we’ve never been more sure of one prediction. Wes Myron. Remember this name, because he will be big.

Canadian emerging superstar Myron shot to his second round of fame earlier this year when he was recognised by the model industry as ‘The Next Big Thing 2018’, having previously attracted a fanbase when he was drafted to the NHL ice hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks.

His professional sports career was cut short by injury, so the industrious Myron began rebuilding his life by starting a fitness and lifestyle company. This led the ex hockey wunderkind to start an Instagram account posting inspiring health and fitness shots on his beautiful Vancouver Island home, which drew the attention of fashion experts the other side of the world. After analysing thousands of potential new faces, the panel of fashion gurus chose the 25 year old as the best new male model on the planet.

Wes Myron

Within hours of the announcement headlines starting appear in media around the world, alerting every top model agency in New York to this future of fashion. The following day he was flying out from his idyllic hometown of Victoria, on the west coast of Canada, and meeting the most high profile model agents in the industry, before he signed with State Management.

By the end of the week they had booked him major modelling jobs around the world.

It’s been quite a ride.

We caught up with Myron at his recent debut runway walk for International Fashion Show at the beautiful Rosewood Hotel in Central London.

LLM: Congratulations on your runway debut! How was it?

WM: “Ah, thanks, man! Yeah, the whole event was really fun, and it was great to meet and walk for designers from around the world. Plus, it’s great to be in London again! I love spending time in the UK – you guys have such a nice country.”

LLM: You’ve got an amazing story – from the ice to the catwalk! Tell us about how you changed out from ice hockey!

WM: “From a kid I always dreamed of being a professional hockey player, and was fortunate to make that dream a reality! Soon after, though, came the constant injuries, and forced me to retire. So, it was time to close the book on hockey, and begin writing a new one using all my learning’s and experiences as the frame work. And then came IFS and The Next Big Thing!”

Wes Myron

LLM: Ah, yes. The day your life changed! Tell us how The Next Big Thing happened.

WM: “International Fashion Show is this amazing brand which showcases the best fashion from around the world in big shows in fashion capitals. They reached out to me, and told me they had seen me on Instagram and I’d made a short list of names for a fresh new face scout they were conducting, and asked for my permission to use my pictures and stuff! I didn’t really know what it was all about, but I was curious to see where it would go. I’m really glad I went along with it, because it has already opened up some amazing opportunities and allowed me to meet some really great people!”

LLM: What did you enjoy most about your first runway show?

WM: “I liked how professional the whole set up was, and how the massive team behind the scenes – there must have been at least 100 crew members, hair and make up, choreographers etc – came together to make something amazing. Plus, one of the things I miss from hockey is the pre-game nerves, as it shows you care, and I was really pleased to see that the nerves settled in when I was standing in the wings, as we got close to show time! I’m ready for more now!”

LLM: You’ve been highlighted as one of the most stylish men on the planet with The Next Big Thing. What fashion tips would you give our readers?

WM: “Ha, that’s super kind of you to say, but I’m not one to really over think fashion. Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable, and have some fun with it!”

Wes Myron

LLM: What are the unique things to look out for in Canadian fashion?

WM: “Canada’s a big country, and has different looks depending on where you are. I live in British Columbia, which is pretty similar to California in terms of laid back style, whereas the East coast tends to be a bit more European in style. One thing to note, though – if you’re visiting in the winter be sure to get yourself a nice fashion forward touque, haha!“

LLM: Who are your style icons?

WM: “I don’t really have a go to style icon. I’m just like everyone else, scrolling Instagram or reading a magazine and seeing what jumps out to me.”

LLM: What basics should every man have in his wardrobe?

WM: “A favourite t-shirt and pair of jeans!”

LLM: You have a fitness and lifestyle company – tell us about your Elite Performance Lifestyle product.

WM: “The Elite Performance Lifestyle (EPL) is for anyone looking to change up their life, and achieve all they can in their health and lifestyle. It’s built around the four key building blocks of Focus and Motivation, Nutrition, Fitness and Sleep and Recovery, so that anyone can maximise these core areas and drive their new life success!”

Wes Myron

LLM: Finally, what’s next for Wes Myron?

WM: “I’m really lucky to have great family and friends around me, so I am heading back home to Canada to regroup after this London trip. Then it’s back to the model schedule, which involves quite a bit of travel, whilst running my company. It’s never boring!”

With that, an army of publicists and people with clipboards drag Myron away to his next interview – this time with an American TV crew, while the men’s magazine from Dubai taps her expensively heeled foot waiting for her turn. Remember the name, readers, and remember where you heard it first.

Wes Myron is on Instagram at Myron was walking for a range of world brands at International Fashion Show. Find them at