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Upgrade your grooming routine for the best results

For the average man, the grooming routine is often neglected thanks to the morning rush, but in actual fact, it is one of the most important elements of the day. Taking the time to tend to your appearance may seem unnecessarily vain to some, but looking good ensures that you will leave the house feeling good, too. The result? A positive and productive day.

Keeping a well-stocked bathroom cabinet is the key to every success story. It might sound dramatic, but maintaining a good skincare routine could be one of the most important things you ever do for your future self, and thanks to today’s abundance of anti-ageing formulas, you’re bound to thank yourself later. Shaving, too, offers similar benefits, providing a thorough exfoliation session with each pass of the razor, and as for your hair, well – you should probably make the most of it while it lasts!

With this in mind we’ve enlisted the help of Aaron Wolfenbarger, the male grooming expert for leading online retailer The Shaving Shack.

Hair-styling products

Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight
Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight

Your hair is often the first thing anyone notices about you, so keeping it tamed at all times is of the utmost importance. For 2018, the only product you need in your bathroom cabinet is The Bluebeards Revenge Pomade, which is perfect for achieving the ever popular slick, high-shine pompadour.

If you’re not convinced, and prefer a lower-maintenance look, then the Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight is great. As the name suggests, it offers lightweight, invisible hold, making it a top choice for effortless styles.


Edwin Jagger Double Edge Razor DE89L - Lined Handle (Plus 5 DE Blades)
Edwin Jagger Double Edge Razor DE89L – Lined Handle (Plus 5 DE Blades)

You might not be a daily shaver, but even the bearded gent will have to reach for a razor on occasion, if only to tidy around the edges. The most important item you can have in your bathroom cabinet is a decent razor, and the Edwin Jagger DE89L is just the job. With a classy, refined appearance, this lightweight offering boasts a chrome-plated precision head to rival the quality of some of the more well-known manufacturers.

If you like a challenge and enjoy the thrill of a good cut-throat shave, then this razor from The Bluebeards Revenge is a great choice. It’s eyecatching, takes replaceable blades and requires minimum upkeep, making it ideal for the busy man.

Shaving products

The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream
The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream

It’s crucial to prepare skin well for your shave, and the American Crew Lubricating Shave Oil will soften and moisturise the skin, leaving it slippery enough for the smoothest of shaves.

You’ll want a good lather for the shave itself, and one of the best we’ve found comes courtesy of The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream. Another good choice, if you tend to suffer from irritation, is the Taylor of Old Bond Street Natural Shaving Cream, which is enriched with nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera, coconut oil and allantoin to calm, soothe and moisturise the skin.

Both are paraben free, if you’re keen to avoid chemical nasties.

Should you suffer any nasty cuts during your shave, the Proraso Shave Cut Healing Gel is your biggest ally. Dab a little bit onto minor nicks to put a stop to the bleeding, and you’re good to go – no need to walk around with bits of tissue stuck to your face!

After your shave, you’ll want to follow up with a good post shave balm. The Jack Dean Aftershave Balm contains cucumber and seaweed to cool the skin, and witch hazel and aloe vera to calm and nourish.


Men’s hair tends to be coarser and oilier than women’s, sop stealing your lady-friend’s will no longer cut it. Try the Uppercut Deluxe Moisturiser to minimise the appearance of enlarged pores, as well as helping to balance the skin.


Edwin Jagger Sandalwood Aftershave Lotion
Edwin Jagger Sandalwood Aftershave Lotion

To finish, find your signature scent. Whether you choose to go for an aftershave like the Edwin Jagger Sandalwood Aftershave Lotion or a fresh and masculine eau de toilette such as The Bluebeards Revenge’s offering, make sure that it’s one you love – and remember, less is always more.

The Shaving Shack offers a no-nonsense range of top quality wet shaving, men’s grooming and men’s skincare products designed for Real Men, direct to your door.