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Vivienne Westwood: Redefining Luxury Watches

By LLM Reporters on 15th March 2018

When it comes to ladies’ watches, there are some big-name brands dominating the market, many with exuberant style and a legion of loyal fans. But when it comes to making a stand-out statement, there’s only one designer that springs to mind, and that’s Vivienne Westwood.

Famous for her breathtaking collections which have featured on screen countless times over the years, Vivienne launched her range of beautiful timepieces back in 2011, revealing them to the world at the famous Baselworld event, in Switzerland.

Vivienne Westwood watches
Adorn your wrists with a watch from Vivienne Westwood’s luxuriously styled watch collection

Inspired by the success of her clothing lines and iconic jewellery range, it came as little surprise, and from the tweed, textured models which exude 70s fashion, to her gorgeous, jewellery-inspired designs, it still doesn’t fail to impress.

With a name that is synonymous with both style and opulence, the range of Vivienne Westwood watches is awash with timeless classics that quite simply never date, making them a worthwhile investment for any fashion conscious female.

Timeless they may be, but Vivienne’s watches are far from ordinary, and bearing the iconic planet motifs she is so well-known for, they are the ultimate fashion statement, too.

Whether you’re looking for understated chic or full-on glamour, there’s a timepiece to suit, and the label’s signature design elements and experimentation with materials make for a unique range that is now one of the most sought-after on the market.

A departure from the repetitive designs often seen on jewellery counters from other big-name brands, it’s not hard to see why a Vivienne Westwood watch has become one of the must have piece of arm candy.

Vivienne Westwood Red Trafalgar Watch Front
Timeless they may be, but Vivienne’s watches are far from ordinary

The iconic British label has long been one of the most celebrated in ladies’ luxury watches and, indeed, fashion – largely thanks to the its uncompromising unique approach to design, seamlessly fusing contemporary and popular taste with authentic and traditional styling.

Available from stores such as Tic Watches, a quick browse enough to have you hooked – but we challenge you to choose just one.

To many, a watch might be just a small and insignificant accessory, but in reality, the one you choose can make or break your outfit.

A chic and understated yet edgy watch can really polish off a look, and a well-chosen accessory can often make a lasting impression on those with an eye for detail. With a watch for every mood, outfit and event, why not invest in a selection?