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When is a sock not just a sock? Finch & Belle adds stylish luxury to everyday essential

Finch & Belle luxury socks

As staple garments go, it’s safe to say that socks are up there with the best of them – so why is it that we are so ready to accept less than the best for our feet when it comes to something we wear on a daily basis? After all, it’s our feet that carry us about our days without the smallest complaint, and yet for most of us, cheap and cheerful inevitably wins out. But while parting with a couple of pounds after a quick rummage in the bargain bin might seem a good idea at the time, the rapid wear and tear that ensues is a downright nuisance – with many a pair ending up in the bin after just a couple of wears.

So, with women spending more money on luxury footwear than ever before, surely it’s time our approach to socks followed suit? What good is a pair of amazing, comfortable shoes without a pair of socks to match?

Finch & Belle luxury socks
Finch & Belle is a new luxury women’s sock brand

Enter, Finch & Belle – a new luxury women’s sock company which knows our hectic lifestyles inside out. In this day and age, average will no longer suffice (yes, even when it comes to socks), and the brains behind this exciting new company have gone out of their way to ensure that it doesn’t ever have to.

Taking a trend-led approach to sock design which never compromises on comfort, the fledgling brand is filling this clear gap in the market in a way that no one else has been able to, and has been making waves amongst fashion-conscious females since Finch & Belle launched at Spring Fair earlier this year. Currently retailing online, and with hopes of soon seeing its products on sale in high-end department stores and independents, the brand is aiming high – and its unique approach to a rather ordinary garment is quickly winning it a legion of fans.

Finch & Belle luxury socks
The company is constantly researching current and future trends to ensure that all of its socks are bang up to date

“People say ‘a sock is just a sock’, but we are giving socks a whole new meaning; designed for today’s woman with luxury in mind”, says Kim Bown, Director at Finch & Belle.

“Our clients are amazing women with strong opinions on style and quality. They juggle careers, home and family life, love fashion, and care about their health – all wrapped up in that touch of luxury.”

Finch & Belle luxury socks
Only the finest materials are used to produce the luxurious socks

A brand which pays a great deal of care and attention to its customers, it’s clear that it knows them inside out; something which is apparent in every soft and luxurious pair of socks it produces. Using beautiful yarns that include cashmere, merino wool, silks and Egyptian cotton, each and every sock has a seamless toe and a comfort welt, meaning they feel just as amazing on the feet as they look.

“Every style uses something slightly different in terms of yarns, so they can all have different fit properties. We create our size specifications with each individual sock in mind, changing the measurements where necessary to keep the best fit and comfort. We use the softest yarns and lycras, and include an almost seamless toe seam which are linked by hand and the welts have been designed to be the right tension”, Kim explains.

The ‘Active’ sock collection is sure to be a big hit with the fitness conscious consumer

From dropping the kids at school or a busy day at the office, to dinner out with your loved one, taking the dog for a walk or just relaxing with your feet up, there’s a pair of socks to suit every eventuality – with four diverse collections including Occasion, City, Casual and Active – and each comes with beautifully branded packaging including a tissue insert to keep them at their best en route to their new home.

The brand isn’t one to rest on its laurels, either. Finch & Belle is constantly researching current and future trends to ensure that all of its socks are bang up to date, with its vast array of designs ever-changing with the seasons.

The ‘Casual’ sock collection offers “classic but well designed pieces that you don’t have to think about”

“We travel the globe from Tokyo to New York to Paris to London, researching what people are wearing and following. We visit specialist trade fairs such as yarn suppliers and we work closely with our factories to make sure our brand comes from ethically and technically capable resources.

“Then comes the fun bit; we take all the influences we collect not just from the catwalks but from anything seen to be current – be it homeware, a film, some music, or a trend that has the potential to filter into the UK from overseas – and then start to work on the collection.”

finch and belle luxury socks
The company is taking a trend-led approach to sock design which never compromises on comfort

One thing is sure – there is certainly a pair of socks to suit every modern woman, and with new lines set to be added to the collection for SS17, the future is looking bright for Finch & Belle.

Thought socks were boring? Well, times have changed. Why choose between comfort and style when you can have both?

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