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Why a Rolex is a luxurious lifetime investment

By Melanie Kruger  |  April 23, 2020

A name that has long been synonymous with luxury, Swiss watchmaker, Rolex, is an esteemed and respected brand on a global scale thanks to its durable, high-quality and exceedingly sophisticated timepieces.

Established by Hans Wildorf back in 1905, the brand has a long and glittering history behind it, and is often endorsed by celebrities and the jet set alike. One of the leading sponsors of some of the world’s biggest sporting events, it’s a name that today, is everywhere – and thanks to its innovation within the watch-making industry and the expert craftsmanship that goes into each and every timepiece, it’s little wonder it has achieved such prestige.

Achieving several horological milestones in its first three decades of operation, in 1910, it developed the first certified chronometer watch. It later developed the first waterproof model, as well as the world’s first perpetual self-winding mechanism. Today, its timepieces are a symbol of true status – but their worth goes far beyond their aesthetic appeal alone. Here’s why a Rolex might just be the best investment you make in this lifetime.

When you buy a Rolex, its reputation precedes it. Image credit: shawnwilliams4433/

Worth its value

It’s no secret that a Rolex costs a lot of money, and while it may seem to be a large investment for a watch, it’s one that will serve you well in the long-run. More often than not, they will hold or even increase their value if well looked after, making them the perfect candidate to become family heirlooms that are handed down through the generations for years to come.

Beloved by collectors, some of the most valuable Rolex models are those rare editions that were created years ago, with many willing to pay over the odds at auction to get their hands on these coveted and highly-sought after pieces of history.

This unwavering value is exactly what makes a Rolex a shrewd purchase – and, since it’s combined with expert craftsmanship and the utmost in quality, it’s a no brainer.

You won’t find a Rolex in the sale or reduced in price the following year – these designs are timeless and remain ever sought after, regardless of what’s going to be in trend that year.

The Daytona Rainbow Everose is one good example. This watch was bought for £75,000 and a year later it was sold for £237,500. This earning potential is described as a ‘power’ possessed by the brand due to its high demand – especially Daytonas.

While the brand is hard to find at a reduced price, some sites, such as Watchmaster, will allow you to find rare models at reasonable cost – making for a sound and affordable investment.

Established by Hans Wildorf back in 1905, the brand has a long and glittering history behind it, and is often endorsed by celebrities and the jet set alike. Image credit: hadrian/

On the big screen

Dr No hit the silver screen in 1962, with the moment James Bond was seen wearing a Rolex Submariner signalling a notable milestone in the brand’s history. Bond continued to wear the brand for several movies, staying true to Ian Fleming’s vision (as Fleming himself wore a Rolex) – and propelling the model to the level of status it currently enjoys today.

Filmmaker and explorer James Cameron was also seen wearing his Rolex in some behind-the-scenes images of the Titanic set, with the brand also making an appearance in the movie with the late Bill Paxton. The explorer, who led the expedition to the ruins of the ship in the movie, sported a striking Rolex Submariner in gold.

Exposure such as this only serves to reinforce the reputation – and, therefore, value – of Rolex as a brand.

Smart and stylish

While a watch is one of the most practical accessories you can own, it’s also one of the most stylish. While it can be paired nicely with a casual outfit of jeans and a t-shirt, a watch is a must-wear with a suit, for example. There’s no doubting that the style of a Rolex goes a long way to ensuring it has earned and kept its reputation and, therefore, value.

What truly sets Rolex apart from the competition though, is its durability and robustness. Its timepieces are built to weather all elements, and have made it to the highest point on earth as well as the deepest point in the ocean to which man has ever travelled. Despite the plethora of other high-end watch brands that are always snapping at its heels, none have ever quite made it to those lofty heights – and it’s a crown that Rolex treasures.

Rolex has invested many years in mastering the quality and precision of its watches, and even has its own science laboratory. Image credit: dc975/


Rolex has invested many years in mastering the quality and precision of its watches, and even has its own science laboratory. In fact, it actually has several different types of labs, all at different facilities, to aid its research and development – and even makes its own gold.

All of the gold and platinum which can be seen on a Rolex has been made in-house, and such is the precision of the meticulous design process that it takes almost a year to make just one watch. With that level of attention to detail, it’s little wonder they have become so sought-after – and why many models are so rare.

Although a Rolex might cost more than the average timepiece, in the world of watches, there is no denying that you get what you pay for. The investment will guarantee you a high-quality timepiece which, as well as being practical and stylish, could be worth much more than what was paid – even after just one year. It’s a savvy purchase that you’ll be thanking yourself for in the future – as will the generations after you, in years to come.

Image credit at the very top of the article: LevanteMedia/