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Why shop when you can create?

You Couture

Style and fashion expert Jake Daniels looks at the growing trend for bespoke or “custom made” garments and identifies one emerging company that is offering the very best in bespoke design and tailoring.

For many, true luxury lies in choice. Why purchase “off the rail” garments to fit into, when you can have bespoke garments designed and handcrafted to fit and flatter you. Once you start purchasing clothes in this way, you won’t want to go back.

The Problem

Have you ever gone shopping with an idea of a particular garment in your mind? Sometimes it is more than just a vague idea, but a clear and distinct visual. So you squeeze in the time to either venture into a high street store or set aside a few hours to browse online, and find that you are unable to track down exactly what it is that you are looking for. In this scenario many of us eventually settle for something similar or go for another suitable alternative.

Consumers are generally limited to what is made available to them by designers and although there are enough brands in the world to be able to find particular ones that produce truly exquisite garments that cater for your preferred style, it is almost impossible to find one that, without exception, caters to your utmost individual and specific preferences.

A parallel issue with ready to wear garments is found in the form of fit and size, two concepts that are separate but interrelated. Standardised sizing attempts to maximise the number of consumers accommodated whilst limiting the number of sizes manufactured, whereas fit refers to the relationship between the size of the garment compared with that of the wearer. The crux of this issue is that consumers who collectively fall into a particular size grouping will invariably have differing body shapes and proportions, meaning that correct fit for all is simply not possible when purchasing “off the rail”.

off the rail
Purchasing “off the rail” has its obvious drawbacks

A Solution

Picture a service that enables you to not only bring your ideas to life but also ensures impeccable fit. From the comfort of your home, office or location of your choosing, You Couture clients are able to have garments originally designed and specifically tailored for them. As opposed to being limited by the options presented in a store, clients can design their garment or collection or have knowledgeable consultants advise and create pieces based on more general preferences. As well as the guarantee of quality derived from attentive hand crafting, they offer a selection of rare and high quality fabrics from all over the world.

You Couture also promotes the notion of style over fashion. Essentially, fashion is what we are offered four times a year by designers and can be classed as what is “on trend” right now. This notion constantly changes and tends to be for a limited time only. Something that is in fashion today can be out of fashion by next season. Another analysis of the notion of fashion is that it relates to the external. It pertains to the proximity of what is “on trend” and what we currently have in our wardrobes.

Style on the other hand, is about personal choice and is a method of communicating who you are without having to speak. It can be described as the emergence of a consistent theme or sensibility in our wardrobe choices, irrespective of how trends in fashion are moving. This is not to say that personal style does not change, because it does, however, more often than not this change will be as a consequence of personal developments unique to us as individuals. The notion of style has more of a permanence and timelessness to it. The antithesis of fashion in a way, style relates to the internal. It concerns ones sense of self and identity and is ultimately the expression of this from the inside out. You Couture work with their clients to be creative whilst maintaining their personal style.

As well as being just a personal solution, You Couture Collections make for the perfect gift experience for the person who has “everything” or who is hard to buy for because they are in charge of the end product and can design their gift to suit their taste. A gift from you, designed by them.

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