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Why should you buy a luxury watch

Brandon Davis

We talk to the experts at Peter Jackson about why you should buy a luxury watch.

Different watches are produced every year and with such a variety of prices it is hard to precisely locate the ‘perfect’ watch for yourself. You can have similar styled watches that have been developed by clothing brands, or you have dedicated watch brands designing watches with intricate mechanisms. This divides watches from fashion items to genuine timepieces, so which one should you invest your money into?

With fashion watches such as Armani you are purely getting a fashion item that seamlessly fits your appearance. It can work out as it is functional as well as something that keeps track of time. Luxury watches are something else, luxury watches are a symbol of complexion, status and history.

We now take a deeper look into why you should buy a luxury watch.


As people are becoming more absorbed into the realms of technology, luxury watches are not only a timepiece, but a gadget. Men’s watches are filled with different mechanisms each influencing each minute detail of the watches. It is difficult to understand the true details of how watches truly work, but gadget lovers will appreciate every component weaving in and out of one another.


Getting watches from 88 Rue Du Rhone will be entirely different to getting a watch from Topman, or River Island. 88 Rue Du Rhone’s entire history influences each timepiece produced by them. There are designs that are becoming vastly popular have a story and a reasoning behind them. Patek Philippe are another example, as it is a representation of a time and place, a moment in history prodding at your heart strings.


Whether you believe it or not, men can often find themselves judged on their watches. Many different men walk around in suits that look as though it is high class, but is bought second hand or rented, but watches can never be that. Men’s watches can be a representation of economic status, merged with their taste. Those with a higher status will find themselves finding a timepiece that is a solid representation of their taste, who they are and their values.

Top Quality Timepieces

Rather than analysing each individual component on the inside of a watch can often take away to recognition from the design. Lower prices watches are designed with simplicity, rather than using a design focusing on both the interior and exterior. Not only do men’s designer watches actually provide a stability that is unmatched by cheaper watches, it also brings a reliability that is vigorously tested through many stages of development and will automatically last a lot longer than 5 years.

If there is anything that should be an investment, investing in a true luxury timepiece should be it. It is not only something that looks good, but is a symbol that represents history, status and the complex nature of what it took to produce such a stunning item.

Peter Jackson is a family run jeweller priding themselves on designer luxury watches.

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