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Why you should buy antique jewellery

By Lexi Goodland  |  September 8, 2020
antique jewellery

The air of luxury that comes with a beautiful piece of jewellery can hardly be denied, even for those who may not favour the shine and shimmer of such accessories. A statement necklace, an eye-catching ring, a dazzling pair of earrings, whatever your go-to piece may be, jewellery has been a woman’s best friend for centuries.

Although most of us are very unlikely to turn down a brand-new piece of jewellery straight off the shelf, there is something rather charming about the thought of owning an antique accessory; one with a bit more character and a story to tell. This might be a factor contributing to the rise in popularity of high-end antique jewellery that some stores, like Carus Jewellery, are seeing. The demand for all things antique is on the rise and here is why we think you should start investing into some antique jewellery of your own.

antique jewellery
One of the best parts of owning antique jewellery is that every single piece comes with its very own history


It is very common these days for newly made jewellery to be created in the style of a certain past era; the characteristics and features of iconic jewellery trends throughout the years are mimicked in that which we see in store windows today.

But how wonderful would it be to own something that was actually made in that time using the real techniques and materials of the day? No replications, no remakes–the real deal. Owning an antique piece of jewellery is like owning a secret to the trade way back when, a slice of what influenced modern accessorising, and a timeless luxury addition to any wardrobe.

Take the Edwardian Amethyst and Split Pearl Necklace from Carus Jewellery, a divine example of antique elegance. This piece of fine antique jewellery showcases the exceptional Edwardian craftmanship with a beautifully constructed drop pendant necklace featuring deep purple briolette cut amethyst gemstones set in a rich yellow 15 karat gold and split pearl spacers.


One of the best parts of owning antique jewellery is that every single piece comes with its very own history, be it a few decades or a few centuries – it has historic beauty nonetheless. Perhaps it has survived through wars, found its way across the globe, accompanied many a family member through the generations, whatever the case, antiques come with stories and character that add something to your wardrobe that no new piece of jewellery ever could.

For those after that ‘je ne sais quoi’ accessory, you will have a hard time trying to match the mystical charm of an often hand-made necklace, ring or bracelet from an era of skilled craftmanship that can be hard to find nowadays.

We’re loving this exceptional Edwardian Amethyst and Split Pearl Necklace from Carus Jewellery


Unlike with the purchase of brand new items – like a car or a watch for example, where the value of the item immediately decreases after it has been bought simply because it is now no longer new–when buying antiques like jewellery you are not faced with this immediate devaluation because the item is already old. In fact, antique jewellery is actually more likely to retain, or even increase, its value over time due to its collectable appeal and desirable qualities, much like that of an old classic car.

Another aspect that makes antique jewellery a great investment, is the fact that the lack of manufacturing costs and added premiums for the seller’s overheads is often reflected in the price tag for each piece, making it less than you would expect and potentially quite a bit cheaper than its modern day equivalent.


Like anything these days, mass production in the jewellery world is incredibly common, which means many of the modern pieces that some of us love to adorn are widely available to practically anyone who wants them, but luckily, this is not the case with antique jewellery.

Jewellery was not mass-produced back in the day so the chances of someone else stepping out onto the street in the exact same piece are slim to none. Also, unlike the wonderful machines we have access to nowadays, lots of antique pieces would have been made in a time when this was not the case, meaning each item would have been handcrafted by a skilled artist making them completely one of a kind!

antique jewellery
Buying antique jewellery means you are actively participating in an attempt to decrease waste


Helping our planet and being conscious of how our lifestyles impact the world around us has become the centre of many people’s lives over the last few years. It is inspiring to see the change a lot of us are trying to make towards a healthier and safer planet, and that should extend even into the smallest of things, like your jewellery box.

Buying antique jewellery means you are actively participating in an attempt to decrease waste. Rather than buying something new, which would have required significant resources to make and a production process that is likely not environmentally friendly, you should reflect on the positive impact purchasing antique jewellery can have on our planet, and the support it would give to the small, local businesses that are so often the sellers of such items.