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Women’s style guide: Six key ready-to-wear trends for fall 2016


Autumn is already on its way. You can sense it in the mild wind of the night, in the whimsical sound of leaves already rustling under our footsteps or in our cravings for some fall’s delicacies like pumpkin pie, plums, or roasted chestnuts.

It is also the time to let the fashion trends inspire women in finding their perfect 2016 look to welcome fall in style. The good news is that the Fashion Week’s runway displayed something for all tastes out there. Let’s see what’s trendy this year and which are the six must have’s for this fall.

The Navy Overcoat
During the crisp days of autumn, the navy overcoat will protect women from the unfavourable changes of temperature. Its wider cuts are specially created to gently envelop your favourite outfits of the day, without crushing their delicate fabrics.

The material of choice for a proper fall overcoat is calf leather, while the ideal length gets to your ankles. Now is the time to show off your classy heels, and lift your figure to complement your navy-inspired coat.

David Bowie and Spice Girls Boots
The iconic artist of the 90’s, David Bowie, has once again inspired the 2016 fashion world with his hallmark style that can be so easy to recognise thanks to its authenticity and eccentricity. The platforms are the features that will represent the shift of the century for years. The plain bulky platforms will experience an upgrade this Fall, as they will reach the fabulous level of David Bowie and Spice Girls.

Autumn is already on its way

The chunky will become uber-chunky, the boots will turn into elevated platforms, and they will take the big cities by storm. There’s no better way to plunge into the daily adventures than with the David Bowie bold boots that suggest greatness, strength, and a drop of madness. Adopt a daring mix a colour and prints or even stick to the glossy white or the fascinating black and you will be ready to make this Fall yours.

The Renaissance Style
The lightness and delicacy of women will be easily emphasised this autumn by incorporating the past with the future. Women have become strong enough to display their soft spots in plain sight, and nothing could be a better fit for this audacious attitude than the Middle Ages emblematic fabric, velvet. However, beneath the soft and innocent façade of velvet, there hides durability, and this is why velvet is an amazing ambassador of femininity.

Velvet will be accompanied by bell sleeves, extra long sleeves, capelets, and corsets to round up the daily outfit of a modern heroine. The corsets are the exotic accessories that are now worn in the plain sight to compliment any powerful and tender woman.

Rockstar Bags
The bags are created to make a bold statement this year and, boy, they are so good at it. The handles are getting the rockstar look by adopting the style of the awesome guitar straps. More than that, the main designs of the bags have a powerful visual impact on their viewers, and they are not afraid to speak volumes about their owner’s flamboyant personality. Women will stand out this fall sporting furry and skin handbags for style, messenger bags for women for a masculine charm, or daring baguette bags for a touch of extravagance.

But the 2016-2017 bag trends are not only bringing all the styles that grow outside the box on the stage, but they want to change the classic way that handbags are carried. The bags will find their place in the women’s outfits in the weirdest positions, and we like it. The backpacks are held in hands, the fanny packs are making an unusual comeback even as necklaces, and women are encouraged not to stop to one bag at a time. The revolution that spices up the times and breaks the narrow and boring borders of conventionalism is here.

The cherry on top of any complete outfit for women will be represented by gloves.

The Choker
One of the most popular trends of the 90’s is back with more style than even. Be it velvet, metal or leather, the choker is a wanted throwback that is here to stay. You can opt for a black and gold model, sparkle it up for the limelight or simply you can do it yourself by tying a fabric strip around your neck to get the choker look. There are more provocative ideas that are rocking this must have accessory. You can blend the choker and tie together and come up with a fringy necklace to garnish your neck. There’s a style for every side within a woman.

The cherry on top of any complete outfit for women will be represented by gloves. These accessories are more than just about practicality. They confide a look of mystery to women and help them intensify their grandeur personalities. Whichever length they have, the 2016 fall gloves are always embellished and highlighted with metal details, furry edges or are simply knitted for a fuzzy look.

So, make sure your wardrobe gets a 2016 fall refresh by selecting the main trends of this season and even mixed them up a bit to perfectly express your personality through the wondrous ways of fashion. Be prepared with a complete outfit for any good or bad mood that autumn can bring in your days.

All images used in this article credit: Pexels