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3 exciting entertainment ideas for a luxurious evening in with friends

Looking to plan a lavish and sophisticated evening in with your friends? Here are three of the very best ideas to impress your guests.

By LLM Reporters  |  March 2, 2022
Enjoying home party with best friends

We might be nearing the end of winter, but judging by the long-term weather forecast, there are still several weeks of chilly, rainy and unsettled weather ahead before it finally makes way for spring. If the thought of dressing up to the nines and heading out for a night on the tiles quite literally leaves you feeling cold, then you’re not alone – but after months of restrictions on seeing our friends, it seems almost rude to pass up the opportunity for some social time when we need it the most.

While snuggling up on the sofa with a bottle of fine vintage and a film might seem like the most appealing choice, you don’t have to pick one over the other, and with a little creativity, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Planning a lavish and sophisticated evening in with friends, complete with fabulous food and drink and some exciting entertainment, too, is the perfect compromise – and your guests will love you for it, too.

Host a casino night

To give everyone the excuse to get dressed up and feeling like a million dollars, host a traditional casino night and hire in a roulette wheel, poker table and some other popular games for an adrenaline-fuelled evening that is certain to keep everyone entertained. Set a black-tie dress code to keep things sophisticated, and bring in a team of private chefs and waiting staff to circulate with canapes and champagne throughout, and you’re certain to be onto a winner.

If you can’t get hold of the real-life casino gaming equipment you want, then you can play online casino games instead. Since the onset of the pandemic, we’ve seen some dramatic developments in the online space, with a number of big-name, land-based casino favourites launching platforms designed to keep players entertained from the comfort of their own homes. These days, you can participate in live games with real-life dealers and enjoy an authentic casino experience from anywhere, getting your friends involved for a lavish and adrenaline-fuelled evening you’ll all be talking about for months to come.

Hold a luxurious cocktail party

cocktail party

Drinks in with friends doesn’t have to be predictable, and planning an opulent casino evening, complete with a professional mixologist to whip up some favourites, is an easy way to elevate the entire experience and make it something a bit more special. A great choice for a birthday or special occasion as well as a simple Saturday night in, it also offers up an excellent excuse to get out that glamorous cocktail dress. For a truly engaging evening, bring in some professional bartenders and have them provide a fun and dynamic cocktail-making masterclass that both you and your guests can participate in.

The perfect alternative to heading out to a crowded cocktail bar, your guests can sip on their preferred creations over some light conversation from the warmth and comfort of your abode – no need to get caught in the rain or waste precious time waiting to be served, and it doesn’t get more exclusive than an invite-only event such as this.

Plan a sumptuous spa evening

yellow home spa in bathroom

There’s nothing quite like an afternoon at the spa, getting pampered to within an inch of your life and indulging in an endless array of decadent treatments – but if you really want to treat your friends to a relaxing experience, then why not bring it into your own home? It’s simple enough to create a calming atmosphere with candles and minimalistic décor to set the scene, and some herbal teas, canapes and champagne are the perfect choices for some light refreshments.

But let’s face it, the treatments are the most important part of any spa evening, and the good news is that there are now a range of professional mobile spa services that will send experienced practitioners and their equipment to you. From deep tissue massages to decadent facials, your guests are certain to thank you for providing a much-needed evening of R and R. Apps like Secret Spa and Ruuby allow you to quickly and easily make your booking and will allocate you a team of professionals in your area.

You don’t have to go out this winter to enjoy a lavish social experience – nor do you have to hide away at home alone. With these simple ideas, you can enjoy a Saturday night in that both you and your guests will remember for all the right reasons – because until spring arrives, staying in is once again the new going out.