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7 steps to planning the perfect festive event

Are you hosting or planning an event this season? We’re here to help!

By LLM Reporters  |  November 3, 2021

Now that Halloween is out of the way, we can start to really think about Christmas and plan in all of the exciting events that are sure to fill up our calendars, if they haven’t already started to do so.

After the somewhat flop of last year’s festive season, this year has a bit of making up to do and whether you’re attending an array of glitzy events or you’re organising one of your own, you will certainly be looking to have the night of your life each and every time.

If you have decided that throwing a festive shindig for friends, family, colleagues, staff, neighbours, or all of the above, is the only way to set the season up in style, then you may be seeking help to organise the event, but if you’re not new to the party planning game then you may just need some helpful starting points to guide you along the way. Read on for seven steps to planning the perfect festive event for a party to remember.

christmas meal
Have your event catered so that you can concentrate on other aspects and enjoy the delicious food served up to you

1. Decide on a date and choose a venue

First things first, you need to decide when to throw your big bash, and the sooner you choose a date the better, as we all know how quickly our social calendars can fill up! With the date decided, you will need to find a suitable venue that has availability, for starters, as well as servicing any additional needs you require such as parking, staff on site, catering and the like. If you are planning on hosting your festive shindig at home, then this will obviously be a little easier.

2. Think about your theme and dress code

Are you planning on hosting a black-tie event with a champagne and canape reception, a themed fancy-dress party with over-the-top decorations or something entirely different such as a singular colour scheme? Think about which direction you would like to take the occasion, as this will help when it comes to choosing the décor, food, drinks, music, entertainment and your outfit.

dj party
Music is a must and will help the event to flow smoothly

3. Guest list and invites

Whether it’s a smaller gathering you’ve decided on or a large-scale party, you will need to come up with a guest list as soon as possible to ensure your chosen invitees can make it. If you have decided on a particular theme such as black tie, then you will need to let people know on the invite so that they have time to prepare an outfit. Invites sent out personally and swiftly such as via text or email will elicit a swifter response – make it stand out visually to catch the potential attendee’s attention and set a date that you will need a reply by.

4. Décor

Your elegant extravaganza will only be elevated by a selection of fantastic decorations, and for a festive party, thinking big is the only way. Helping to lift the sense of occasion even further, the décor needs to directly relate to the theme and be obvious enough and decorative enough to catch the attention of everyone who attends. Entrance points, tables and doorways are prominent areas that will catch the eye, just remember to keep it classy.

christmas decor
Go big on your décor and include some beautifully decorated Christmas trees for your festive event

5. Food and drink

One of the most important aspects of any event is the food, and this will be themed around the type of evening you have planned. Are you looking for a sit-down meal with multiple courses? If so, hire a chef and catering staff so that you can enjoy delicious food without having to lift a finger. If you’re thinking of serving buffet style food, make sure there are plenty of places for guests to perch, and have it catered as there will be lots of elements for you to do on the day that will keep you busy otherwise. Make sure you have a range of drinks available – a cocktail maker at a bar to whip up some treats, and some non-alcoholic options, too.

6. Music

Your event may call for a live band to get guests dancing the night away, a harpist to serenade guests over dinner, a disco, DJ, or simply a playlist that you can put together in advance. Make sure there’s a dedicated area for dancing – this is a party after all – and that there’s enough space for any musicians to set up.

7. Entertainment

To make your festive event extra special you could set up some entertainment, whether this is a daytime occasion with children in attendance, too, or an evening gathering for just the grown-ups. Carol singers, wreath making, casino tables, traditional party games – whatever the theme, there will be a world of entertainment at your fingertips to make this event the success you wish it to be.