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Best luxury gifts for every type of person in your life

By LLM Reporters  |  May 12, 2021
Luxury Gift

There are few things that bring quite as much pleasure as putting a smile on someone else’s face, and giving them a beautiful gift on a special occasion is a sure-fire way to make their day. But when it comes to choosing the perfect present for each type of person in your life – particularly if they are someone who seemingly has everything they could possibly want already – getting it right can feel like quite the challenge.

When all the obvious options have been exhausted, taking the time to consider exactly who you’re buying for – including their hobbies, likes and dislikes – will help to set you off on the right path, and from the first class jetsetter in your life to the always impeccably-dressed fashionista, tapping into their passions will ensure that you are able to play an ace card when it comes to the big day.

Here, we take a look at the perfect gifts for every type of person in your life – including the person who has it all.

For the jetsetter

businesswoman entering hotel on her trip, with her suitcase
A luxury suitcase would make an excellent gift for jetsetters

If you count a regular first class flyer amongst your nearest and dearest, then gifting them with some new luxury luggage could win you some serious brownie points. Louis Vuitton does a great range to choose from, all of which features its signature LV print, while Dior offers a quality selection of hard-shell suitcases in various colourways.

When it comes to high-end travel, looking the part is just as important as the experience itself, and a set of luxury luggage will ensure that they always arrive at their destination in style.

For the wine connoisseur

Wine decanter, glass of red wine and old wooden barrel
A bottle of wine will be a great option for wine connoisseur

A bottle of fine wine will rarely go amiss with any wine lover, but if you’re looking to gift them something a little more unique then there are plenty of options that will pair perfectly with their favourite tipple. 

A set of monogrammed wine glasses will up-level the drinking experience no end, while a wine aroma mastery kit will help them to fine-tune their nose to pick out the most complex notes in their next bottle. A pro-level kit comes with around 50 concentrated scents commonly found in fine wines and will provide an olfactory experience that will up-level their tasting experiences no end.

For the corporate client

Giving gifts
A bottle of whiskey or bouquet subscription would be a great choice

A luxurious corporate gift can be an excellent way to win friends and influence people in the business world, and showering that next would-be client or partner with prestigious presents is guaranteed to get you in the good books.

There are a number of different options to choose from here, and since all corporate clients are not the same, it pays to get to know them a little before splurging. Some of the most popular high-end corporate gifts that will suit most tastes include a lavish designer pen, a bottle of their favourite whiskey or a beautiful flower bouquet subscription that will brighten up their office every month – as well as reminding them of what a pleasure it is to work with you.

For the fashionista

Elegant black bag on table in luxury boutique
You can never go wrong by gifting them with the latest designer handbag

Buying clothes for anyone you don’t know extremely well – right down to their dress size – can be risky, not to mention difficult. But one way you can never go wrong is by gifting them with the latest designer ‘IT’ handbag. Any fashionista worth their salt will likely have a burgeoning bag collection, with one for each day of the week, and by looking for the latest from Chanel, Gucci or Balenciaga, you won’t be able to go far wrong.

When it comes to choosing the right colour, play it safe and opt for blacks or neutrals. Handbags in these tones will go with just about any of their favourite outfits, serving as the perfect accessory for any well put-together look. 

Loyalty programs for luxury fashion brands are becoming more and more common and will reward customers with impeccable service and higher-class treatment, so make use of yours if you are a member. If not, then why not sign the recipient of your present up instead, for a gift that keeps on giving?