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Getting to know Freya Rose Lifestyle: The bespoke personal assistance service

By LLM Reporters on 27th July 2020

Warning! Once you read about this service, you will need it immediately.

Do you ever find yourself rushing around trying to get all of your jobs done? Do you often struggle to find time to do the things you enjoy? Is your to-do list never ending? Are you daydreaming now of somebody else taking the stress of daily admin and organisation off your hands? Well, now this dream can become a reality.

But you don’t want a full time PA in your home, we hear you say? Freya Rose offers an hourly rate for people like you to use as and when you need. The aim is to supply you with a tailor-made service which meets your personal and changing needs. Whether it be a one-off project or on-going support, this service is designed for anyone who recognises the value of having more time to themselves. Sound good? We think so.

Freya Rose completed the prestigious executive PA program at Quest Professional

You will have the ability to dip in and out as you need, you can enjoy the freedom of full flexibility, there are no membership fees, and you have the ability to use your hours as and when you need. As Freya Rose says: “It is quite simply our relationship, on your terms, dictated entirely by your to-do list.”

Following her degree in philosophy and metaphysics at the University of Edinburgh, founder Freya enjoyed three years training to be a private client tax adviser, she explains: “Working with high net worth individuals, I quickly realised how much I enjoyed the organisational side of managing my clients’ and colleagues’ lives”.

Whatever your travelling needs, Freya Rose Lifestyle can help

After completing the prestigious executive PA program at Quest Professional, she worked within an UHNW private household in Kensington as a personal assistant and EA managing the needs of the family, household and business. This invaluable experience has led her to create a service which gives you, the client, a problem-free lifestyle by pre-empting your needs and creating solutions for problems before they arise, so you don’t have to.

Perhaps you think you simply need a restaurant reservation, but really what it is you need is beauty appointments during the day, a trained babysitter that can feed and entertain your children, a private car (including Champagne?) booked both ways and a breakfast hamper delivered to the door the next morning.

Exclusive restaurant and bar reservations? It’s not an issue for Freya Rose Lifestyle

Or you may require a tailor-made holiday, but do you also realise you may need a house and dog sitter, those Chanel sandals you can’t get shipped to Jersey, bespoke children’s activity packs for the aeroplane, suitcases sent in advance, the airport lounge booked, a clean house/pool/garden/car on arrival back, as well as a welcome home food hamper from their favourite local shops? You could even find your holiday photos printed and sitting on the kitchen table by the time you arrive home.

So, how does Freya Rose Lifestyle achieve this? Their secret weapon is ‘The Little Black Book’ of luxury service providers, from private jet companies, hairdressers, stylists and school tutors, whatever area of your life you need assistance with, Freya Rose has you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Need a birthday present and party organised for your mother in law? A last-minute babysitter? Your pet food ordered, and vet appointments scheduled? Or help with de-cluttering your wardrobe and selling those items that still have the tags on? No task is too big, too small or too unusual.

Freya Rose thinks of all the little things such as whether childcare is needed to accompany a restaurant reservation

Freya adds: “At Freya Rose we are leading the way in the up and coming world of bespoke personal assistance, an at-home service where you can hire a personal assistant as and when you need to guarantee a lifestyle which is uncompromising on quality, effortless for you and most importantly gives back more of the most precious asset.”

Bespoke personal assistance by the hour or bespoke packages are available. To find out more, visit