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How to bring all the luxuries that you can’t go out for into your home

By LLM Reporters  |  April 6, 2020

It’s not actually too difficult being asked to stay at home and chill while the healthcare workers are risking all in order to care for those during this global pandemic. We’re not saying it’s necessarily the easiest thing you’ve ever done either, especially those living by themselves, compromised health wise or those social butterflies who crave company so, in order to make staying at home a little more doable, we’ve come up with some ideas to give you the little luxuries that you’ve been missing, from the comfort and safety of your own home.

The things we’ve previously taken for granted, such as heading out to a lovely restaurant, stealing away a few days in one of the country’s beauty spots or a bit of pampering in a spa now seem rather elusive, but it shouldn’t stop you being able to bring an element of these indulgences with you during this lockdown, without compromising the health of others, of course.

If you’re craving a little luxury, consider these top swaps to give you the pick me ups you need while staying at home. And if you can’t get hold of these items now, then consider planning ahead for those post-isolation days so that you can give yourself a proper treat without having to leave your property.

Hotel bed

King Size Bed With Pastel Pink Bedding Between Two White Industr
Turn your OK bed into an opulent one

There’s nothing quite like hopping onto a large, comfy hotel bed and settling down for the night. Though a visit to a hotel is out of the question right now, there is something to be said for sleeping in a big, luxury bed with clean sheets, tons of pillows and enjoying those eight hours of bliss but, if your bed is on the lumpy side and doesn’t quite offer the same level comfort, then you can do something about it.

Whether it’s an innerspring mattress for side sleepers or memory foam for those who prefer to lay on their backs, this is a great opportunity to do a little research on the top quality mattress that will work best for you, ensuring you never miss out on good sleep again. Pair your new mattress with some crisp new bedding and you will surely feel as cosy at home as in any five-star hotel room.

Fine dining

great food at a fine dining restaurant
Whip up some home-cooked delights with the help of top chefs or order in

With the hospitality industry facing its hardest challenge yet, many top chefs have turned to social media to share their insights and others have kept their businesses open as a takeaway service. If you’re in need of a spot of fine dining in your home then order from your favourite local restaurants if they offer delivery services, not only will you be helping to keep them afloat now, you’ll be helping to ensure their business can resume when this is all over.

Of course, if you are a little more au fait with your kitchen utensils then head over to Instagram where top chefs such as Jason Atherton, Tom Aikens and Tom Kitchin are putting on daily tutorials to help you create delicious food to whip up in your own home, from basic breads to gourmet dinners. It isn’t often you’ll get the opportunity to learn from the best or have delectable three course meals delivered to your door, so make the most of it now.


Spa facial clay mask
Treat yourself to a spa day at home

Bring the spa home with an outdoor hot tub or sauna for your garden and luxuriate in your own personal surroundings. A gift that will keep on giving, your home spa needn’t be essential just for this time period but can enjoyed with guests and a bottle of bubbly for years to come.

If you can’t get delivery of a hot tub for your garden right now then dig out all of your face creams, masks and lotions and give yourself the pampering that you need. Run yourself a bath, seek out your most luxurious salts and while away the time with a little tranquil music before applying those sumptuous skincare items. Not quite got the pampering feeling yet? Look up some self-massage techniques for those aching shoulders or feet – you needn’t suffer, and though you are no professional masseuse, you can do some gentle massage to make your life easier for the time being.


Happy Young Woman Lying On Sofa At Home Using Smartphone, Smilin
Keeping in touch with your loved ones is very important

The pubs are shut, the bars and clubs are closed, and you have no idea when you’ll be able to visit your favourite restaurant again, but there is no need to wallow. Though it may seem like your loved ones are so far away right now, there are plenty of ways in which you can connect and enjoy each other’s company.

Modern technology may have gotten us out of the habit of a phone call, but it can be of benefit now with FaceTime, Zoom and Houseparty all offering ways to gather as groups and even do quizzes and play games together. So, pour yourself a drink, plug in your charger and settle down for a night of socialising with those you miss the most.