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How to find the perfect luxury gift for your partner

Whether there’s a birthday on the horizon or an anniversary coming up, you’ll always want to find the perfect gift for your partner, to unwrap and instantly love. But sometimes, it can be easier said than done when it comes to finding the perfect gift.

If you’re struggling with ideas or weighing up more than one option, then here’s how to find the perfect gift for your partner – and get it right first time:

Make a list of what they like
If you’re really stuck, dig deep and make a list of all the things they really like. It could be a TV show, a fandom or just a general interest. Are they a massive nerd for Game of Thrones? Pick them up a Dothraki language handbook. Enjoy topping up their wardrobe? A printed t-shirt is an easy choice. Do they just simply like you? Then grab them a giant cushion with your face on it. Sorted.

Are you struggling to find that perfect gift?

Keep an ear out for hints
It’s likely that your partner has been dropping subtle (or perhaps not so subtle) hints about what they actually want. Take note of everything they talk about in the run up to that special occasion. Use the notes section on your phone and keep a running tab of everything – they might just give you a bright idea. Plus, it means no awkward moments when they rip the wrapping paper off.

Don’t buy a thinly veiled gift for yourself
Remember that episode of The Simpsons, where Homer buys a bowling ball for himself and gifts it to Marge? Remember how that nearly ended their marriage when a handsome Frenchman tried to woo her with brunch after meeting at the bowling alley? Don’t be that person. When you buy that gift don’t think about yourself at all. Even if you hate it – tough.

Buy something they wouldn’t buy themselves
A great gift is something that the person would never think to pick up and buy themselves or at a stretch would only buy as an occasional treat. This usually applies to things like accessories, jewellery, stationery or even gym gear (but do not buy gym gear if they are not an enthusiastic gym lover).

Check they don’t already have it
Sometimes you’ll see the perfect gift in a shop window or online but before you buy it, just double check they don’t already have one. While it will be happily received again, some of the excitement will be ruined when they remember they already have it at home.

A gift doesn’t need to be something they can unwrap, plan a luxury trip away to spend some time together as a couple

Confirm what friends and family are buying
Again, you don’t want duplicates.

Plan a trip
A gift doesn’t need to be something they can unwrap, plan a trip away to spend some time together as a couple. Fill the trip with things they love to do and cover travel and accommodation as part of the gift. You can find some amazing city break deals and last minute getaways online – if you really want to make it a surprise why not speak to their boss and organise a holiday for them? Then pick them up with their bags packed and whisk them away!

If all else fails, chocolate or alcohol always works. You just can’t go wrong.