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How to plan the most luxurious wedding of all time

Whether it’s a small private affair or the talk of the season, the majority of couples planning a wedding typically desire a luxurious celebration that will be worth remembering — regardless of the size.

From choosing the colour scheme and flowers to deciding on your dress and selecting your venue, planning a wedding is a truly enjoyable and exciting experience, however, even the most inspired bride needs some occasional guidance.

Planning a luxury wedding is not as complicated or expensive as one may originally presume, although it does require more attention to detail than an ordinary ceremony — think mainly about an elegant atmosphere, as well as exploring the senses.

Organising the most luxurious wedding of all time will potentially be more stressful, however, if you truly desire a day to remember for the rest of your life then follow our advice as we have listed key elements to consider when planning the luxury wedding of your dreams.

Pretty bride with wedding bouquet in luxury wedding dress sitting in the retro car, parked in old city center
Planning a wedding is a truly enjoyable and exciting experience

Be organised and inspired

Before beginning the journey of planning your wedding, the best thing to do is to purchase a planner to note and schedule everything you need — an ideal way of keeping track.

With the help of Wedding Forward, planning your wedding has never been easier as they provide an array of the perfect checklists — visual or literal —for you to use at your convenience.

Depending on your personal preferences, you may want to choose different ways to stay organised — from diaries, calendars and online apps, there are several ways to keep track of your decisions and ideas.

Similarly, you cannot start planning your wedding if you are not entirely sure of what you want the final result to be like. Finding inspiration is perhaps the most essential element of planning a luxury wedding.

If you are struggling to find the inspiration you need, then there are several ways you can motivate your ideas — Pinterest, youtube, magazines, books and TV shows can help you keep up with the latest trends and offer ideas that you may not have already considered.

Make it personal

From your choice of flowers to the choice of meal, every decision you make should be a personal choice for the couple.

Whilst you may want to follow trends, simply remember that the best weddings are always personalised — your focus should be understanding what you and your partner want and achieving that on your day.

Top view of luxury bridal accessories. Veil, white shoes, golden wedding rings and bride jewelry (pearls necklace, bracelet and earrings) on wooden table, copy space. Wedding morning. Marriage concept
Whilst you may want to follow trends, simply remember that the best weddings are always personalised

By making it personal, your day will be more tailored around your preferences and you will thereby have a memorable celebration rather than one that you, your friends and family do not truly enjoy.

Create an experience

Whilst it may be a special celebration for you and your partner, no wedding can be great and memorable if your guests are not enjoying their time.

Remember to make your guests feel welcome, considered and entertained, as these are some of the key elements of luxury planning. Simply put yourself in your guest’s shoes and consider every element that you would appreciate if you were attending a wedding.

Some of the simplest details can have a great effect, such as a note or a sign and trust us when we say that your guests will be grateful.

Explore the senses

From scented candles, exquisite canapés and attention to detail, a luxury wedding is one that allows its guests to explore their senses.

Consider your wedding as a production — every separate element is an act. For each act, look at the specific elements and components that you plan on including. Think about sounds, textures, smells and tastes, as it can easily transform your wedding into a luxurious one.

Groomsman opens a bottle of champagne before newlyweds standing in the park. Wedding party in the forest. Bride and groom with friends drink champagne n the park. Funny wedding moments. Crazy people.
Consider your wedding as a production — every separate element is an act

Perhaps plan an escort card experience so that your guests are greeted at the entrance and have their cars parked rather than having them queue and wait outside — its the attention to detail that makes a luxury wedding truly an experience worth remembering.

Watch out for trends

You may have noted several trends that appeal to you, however, remember that trends are only worth having if they mean something to you.

Before choosing to include the trend in your wedding plan, take a moment to think about whether you will see it as a good idea in 10, 20 or 30 years — will it be something that will make you feel proud and excited to tell your children and friends?

If it’s important and meaningful then certainly do it — whatever makes you, your partner and guests happy then the day will be a success.

If you would like to find more ideas on how to successfully plan your dream wedding without being overwhelmed, then check this site as you can find several ideas that will help you further.