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Is it possible for luxury goods to be delivered quickly?

In recent years, online shopping has overtaken offline shopping in terms of popularity. However, it’s largely the money-saving benefits which have contributed to the success of e-commerce. Being able to not only order goods at a discounted rate, but have them delivered quickly, has made online shopping a major success. The question is, can you still benefit from super-speedy delivery if you order luxury goods?

Do luxury goods delivery times differ?

The majority of luxury retailers can provide the same speedy delivery service as non-luxury retailers. However, it does very much depend upon the type of luxury goods you’re purchasing. Jewellery, handbags and clothing could still be sent through next, or even same day delivery services through companies such as TNT.

If you’re buying handmade, bespoke luxury goods however, it’s unlikely next day delivery will be available. This is because you need to give the company time to make the luxury goods. There will be details provided on how long you can expect to wait to receive your goods, either on the company website, or via phone communication after you’ve placed an order. Always check delivery times before ordering luxury goods, especially if you’re buying them as a gift.

Jewellery, handbags and clothing could still be sent through next, or even same day delivery services through companies such as TNT

Companies are working on same day luxury goods service

These days, companies are consistently looking into ways to cash in on the popularity of online shopping. Popular taxi firm, Uber is one company which is looking to get in on the luxury brand market. It’s working on plans to turn into a courier business, only specialising in the delivery of luxury goods.

It hopes to partner up with major luxury brands such as Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany’s. This service would launch in America, but if successful it is likely to quickly make its way to the UK too. It isn’t the only unique service Uber would have launched either. It already has a UberEat sector which deliveries food, and a more unusual UberKittens service in America, which delivers kittens to businesses for a 15-minute “cat cuddling session”.

So, it is absolutely possible to have luxury goods delivered quickly. However, it does depend upon the type of goods being ordered and how exclusive and easy to source they are. Courier companies do offer fast luxury goods delivery services, but the cost will be slightly higher due to the added insurance required.