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Keep it classy: Five things you need to know when organising a stag do

Weddings are a wonderful time. Two people in love, exchanging vows and promising to be together till death does them apart in the presence of their near and dear ones.

But there is another occasion before the ceremony that is much awaited and celebrated by the groomsmen – the stag party. It is sinful, wild, adventurous and unforgettable. However, much like how a country with no rules, authority or laws heads towards a downfall, a stag without a set of rules or guidelines soon turns into a nightmare.

If you’ve been a best man before or have attended a stag do before, you may have learned what goes wrong and what makes things work. But if you’re a newbie throwing a stag do for your best friend, here are a few set of rules to help you throw a stag that is anything but nightmare where someone gets lost, mugged or put behind the bars.

1. Don’t Throw A Stag The Day Before The Wedding

If you really want to picked up as a best man in another wedding or still be best friends with the groom, don’t wait until the last minute to throw a stag do.

Nobody, especially the bride does not want to see her future husband stumbling down the aisle with liquor on his breath.

Throw a stag week(s) before the wedding. This will ensure the lads have a great time without worrying about the impending nuptials the very next morning.

A stag without a set of rules or guidelines can soon turn into a nightmare

2. Don’t Invite The Wrong People

For a stag do to be fun, there have to be people who the groom is comfortable with. So inviting that one guy at his work who is weirdly competitive with him or his third cousin who he can’t stand is a big no.

Avoid the plain awkwardness and run the guest list through the groom once to make sure none of the guests dampen the spirits of the celebration of the groom’s bachelorhood.

3. Don’t Exceed The Budget

Before throwing a stag, it is important to set a budget and stick to it come what may. Not everyone has a trust fund or a fancy job to pay for a luxurious getaway in a European resort.

As the best man, it is your duty to ensure that the budget is not exceeded no matter how wildly promising that one strip club or a bottle of scotch seems. The key is to have fun and have a good time. That will naturally earn you praises as a best man.

4. Don’t Take Pictures Of The Stag Do

Unless it is decided upon, there must absolutely be no pictures from the stag do. You may be wild, indulge in the kinky concoctions and have a blast, but as the saying goes ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’.

Don’t click away pictures from an affair that is supposed to be light hearted and plaster them all over the social media. You do not want the bride to stumble upon the pictures of her husband’s wild night out. That would seriously jeopardize your friend’s life. So live in the moment, enjoy the party and put those cameras away.

While drinking the night away is given at any stag do, ensure you do not drink more than you can handle

5. Don’t Get Too Wasted To Find Your Way Back

While drinking the night away is given at any stag do, ensure you do not drink more than you can handle. Also appoint one person in the group to be the adult chaperone to keep a check on your stag group throughout the night.

You don’t want to wake up with a raging hangover with nothing but regret and question marks on your mind. Drink responsibly and carry the hotel card/home address with you so that you find your way back after a crazy night.


Stags are the ultimate celebration of the groom’s singledom before he embarks on a marital journey with his bride. It is supposed to be filled with fun, adventure and memories of his friends being silly or relaxing. To ensure that he looks back at the day with a smile on his face, make some rules, follow the guidelines and your stag party will be the talk of the friend group!