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Navigating the complex world of dating – internationally!

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, sometimes it’s nice to have a little company. Many of us now choose to travel solo, which is both empowering and logical. After all, you can see more of the things that you want to see without compromise. Or, if you’re away for necessary purposes such as client meetings, it’s simply more professional. However, sometimes it gets lonely. And sometimes, we all want to meet that special someone to enjoy new experiences with.

Finding “The One” Overseas

Finding a partner in a foreign country can be rather exciting! If they’re from somewhere else, they will seem exotic, while having an array of different experiences to share with you. But how do people find their dream partner in new places?

Finding a partner in a foreign country can be rather exciting

While backpackers are content to meet each other instantly for casual meetups, many of us on the more up-market travel circuit prefer something a little more carefully thought out. 

Why not look at internet dating? Apps don’t need to be just for the youth, and they can help you to filter out those who may be wrong for you. Dating at Badoo is one option for those looking to meet someone new whil travelling, be it for friendship or more. It’s the biggest dating network in the world, so you will have plenty of potential partners – and then you can afford to be picky.

If you’re looking for a match, it makes sense that you meet someone with similar interests, and who’s accustomed to the same sort of lifestyle. What are you interested in? Platforms like Facebook groups and Meetup will bring you in touch with your peers no matter where you are, whether you’re a programmer looking to chat languages in Bangkok or a chess enthusiast visiting Moscow. Meetup offers people the chance to make new friends offline by doing a range of activities. 

When you’re abroad, there will be plenty of activities such as exploring or dining, so it’s a great idea to do this in groups. You may hit it off with a special someone! If you prefer the traditional approach, introducing yourself to strangers at the hotel bar is a great option, you’ll find plenty to talk about, and a few drinks may well loosen you up. Who knows? You might even find “the one”, and then you’ll have someone to accompany you on all of your future endeavours. 

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Why not look at internet dating?

Things To Keep In Mind

Of course, there are complexities to take into account if you meet someone who doesn’t have the same nationality (read: passport) as you. Unfortunately, visas are often required if you would like to bring a partner into your home country. However, with the financial means between you to prove that your union is indeed legitimate, you shouldn’t have too many issues. Try to keep any paperwork and take lots of photographs; this is going to help your migration agent assist you in all of the legal matters. There is lots of information available from the government about bringing a partner to the UK, for example. 

You might also want to educate yourself on the culture of your new partner. This will help the relationship run more smoothly. Perhaps expectations are different where they’re from, and understanding these will promote better communication. Of course, there’s nothing better in terms of communication than literally speaking the same language. Although you may initially both speak the “language of love”; it’s going to actually help if you’re both actively learning one another’s language. Private language lessons are an ideal option, for an immersive and intensive way of getting yourself up to scratch.

Whether you’re dating internationally to pass time or because you’ve happened to meet the person of your dreams, you’ll add a new dimension to your international travels. The beauty of being able to travel the world isn’t just to see all of the sights, it’s to meet more people, too. Who knows? One may even be your soulmate!