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Onsite perks that could be built into your workplace property

By LLM Reporters  |  February 27, 2020

If you run a business, you probably don’t need to be educated about the benefits of implementing wellness initiatives there. These schemes demonstrably render employees more engaged and productive, leading to a return on investment of over 400%, as The Balance Careers explains.

Therefore, even if certain perks would require you to open up extra space in your commercial property, the effort can more than pay for itself in the long run. Here are examples of such benefits that workplace design experts could help you to integrate seamlessly into the building.

Wellness services

It’s easy to think that stress just “goes with the territory” of any workplace, but it can actually imperil your workers’ performances. Mistakes can too easily creep in as stress levels rise, Forbes contributor Brock Blake warns. Hence, you ought to accommodate equipment for an array of wellness services.

You might need chairs for massage services, mats for yoga classes, tables for acupuncture… you get the gist. Basically, provide somewhere for therapists to work and employees to reduce their stress.

As well as increased productivity, a happy workforce generally means lower staff turnover rates which is a great thing for any HR team

De-stress zones

Not quite the same as spa rooms, de-stress zones are simply places where, if an employee is suffering an especially tough day and wants to vent their despair or frustration, they can do so in a “safe” area, away from where their co-workers can see them.

One advantage of such zones, of which each office needs at least one, is that they don’t have to be too elaborate – though Maris provide luxury office design which can help you to strike the right tone.

Fitness room

Working out can make employees happier and more motivated. Therefore, the case for an onsite gym makes sense. Naturally, you will need to make sure you have sufficient space for all of the required equipment, but you could buy gym equipment and floor mats second-hand to save cash.

You could even add a smoothie bar, giving your workers a great place to fill up with a protein-rich drink before or after their workout. The reward for you could ultimately be healthier workers.

Working out can make employees happier and more motivated

Health library

You might have already set up a library – of the charmingly traditional kind, rather than a digital one – on the premises, with tomes on a variety of professional, career-oriented topics at close hand. However, you could expand that library or build a new one to add more of a health focus.

There are various health and wellbeing topics for which that library could account, allowing your staff to borrow books on these subjects at no charge.


“It cuts down on all that running around in circles, the driving through traffic, that makes things so hard when you’re a parent,” Vanessa Sandford has told The Guardian about how her company’s onsite childcare centre benefitted her and her baby daughter back in 2013.

She added that her “shy little girl… derives a lot of comfort from knowing I’m right next door.” You could arrange for an expert services provider to run such a facility on your company’s behalf.