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The ‘Ferrari of home tutoring’: How Oxford Tutors Co. is taking affluent families’ education to the next level

By LLM Reporters  |  January 19, 2021

From luxury cars to expensive designer wardrobes, there are plenty of things we love to spend our money on – and when quality comes into the equation, almost everything we buy has the potential to be a good investment for the future.

One thing we often don’t invest in enough though, is education – something that is particularly important in the current climate. A good education can get you everywhere in life, and if you went to a private school or graduated from a top university then you’ve no doubt reaped the benefits yourself. You might be considering the same path for your children – but what if you could go one better?

Oxford Tutors Co. is described as the ‘Ferrari of tutoring’, and is so bespoke that it hardly advertises. It’s a tutoring website that caters to affluent families, such as children of royal families, celebrities and successful businessmen. The company believes that the greatest gift a parent can give their child is an upgraded education – rather than a new pair of trainers, a horse, a brand new car – or just about anything else. Sure, those things are guaranteed to put a smile on their faces in the moment – but when it comes to the long-term benefits of an excellent education, there is no competition.

An elite British tutoring service that selects full-time tutors or governess’ for high-net-worth families across the globe according to individual needs, Oxford Tutors Co. ensures the utmost quality in home schooling, with parents clamouring to get their child a space to ensure they have the best possible home education money can buy.

With a variety of carefully chosen and academically gifted tutors on its books, whom are red-brick university graduates and come with their own unique gifts and talents across a range of subject areas, the company offers a fully personalised service to ensure that the objectives of every individual and their family are not only met, but exceeded – and its impeccably high standards and excellent results are getting it noticed for all the right reasons.

The private tuition industry is booming amid the coronavirus pandemic

As we head into 2021, the ongoing impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic is still going strong, and with many schools and universities closed and some of this summer’s most important annual exams – including GCSEs and A Levels – now cancelled, most school-aged children and teenagers are finding themselves at a disadvantage. But bringing in the professionals, via online learning, of course, could not only prevent your offspring from getting behind in their education, but give them a head start on the following academic year, and in many cases, their entire life too.

“Wealthy families these days spend hundreds, even thousands on things like birthday parties for their children, but one thing they are less likely to invest in as much as they could be doing is their education. While private schools are a great place to start, they certainly aren’t the be all and end all of academic success, and during the current pandemic, this is even more true. Here, at Oxford Tutors Co. we make it our business to go one step further,” said a spokesperson for Oxford Tutors Co.

“We can do what schools can’t. This might include creating a personalised timetable for our pupils so that they can not only keep up with the subjects they are taught at school, but also some extra ones. If a parent wants their child to become multilingual, then we can deliver as many different language lessons as they want us to.

“For example, seeing the rise of China, whose economy will overtake that of the USA by 2030, it is becoming fashionable to teach children Mandarin with a native tutor as it will get children ahead in life – so whatever the parent wants for their child, we make it a priority to deliver it.”

If you’re blessed with a particularly gifted child, then you might be wondering why they would need the additional help. But Oxford Tutoring Co. is about more than just helping kids keep up to speed, and makes it a priority to help them excel. Not only that, but its tutors are accustomed to entirely home-schooling children in place of attending schools – something which is becoming increasingly popular as the global Covid-19 pandemic continues.

Wealthy parents have been offering huge fees to ‘supertutors’ to help their children with their education during the Covid-19 outbreak

“Some children are not given the opportunity to reach their full potential in schools, and being stuck in a class that isn’t challenging enough for them can leave them feeling bored. Ultimately, this can cause them to fall behind in spite of their abilities in any given subject,” the company’s spokesperson explains.

“At Oxford Tutors Co., we ensure that children are being taught at the appropriate level, regardless of their age, and can help children as young as twelve study for and sit their GCSEs, with some impressive results.”

With home-schooling a necessity for many parents at the current time due to the ongoing closure of schools across the UK, for many, the worry is just how much children can be expected to take from online group classes. But, with one-on-one tutoring, there is little opportunity for day-dreaming, with children having no option but to concentrate.

The result? Your child could soon be getting through more work than they would do at school – and hiring tutors will relieve you of the responsibility of ensuring that they are getting through the syllabus at a reasonable pace.

Let’s face it, most parents have got more than enough on their plates at the moment without the need to handle home-schooling themselves, and a private tutoring service promises to offer peace of mind.

Given China’s economic success, it is becoming fashionable to teach children Mandarin with a native tutor as it will help to get children ahead in life

Home schooling isn’t just about helping children excel academically, and there is a plethora of additional benefits to it that have seen many families opt to have their children educated at home for the long-term, regardless of the current pandemic. In particular, children who are gifted when it comes to sports or art can benefit from this method, with schedules designed around their passions and hobbies to allow them to focus on honing their skills.

It also allows parents to keep fully abreast of what their child is learning at all times, whilst encouraging students to think for themselves and form their own opinions as opposed to following along with the rest of the class. It’s certainly a character building experience for any child, and for families residing on rural estates or who require increased privacy due to their fame or fortune, Oxford Tutors Co. provides the ultimate solution.

There’s no denying that there is an increased demand for high-calibre home tutors in the current climate, and in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many – including the likes of Bill Gates – have speculated that our new ‘temporary’ way of living as a result may soon become the new normal. With this in mind, the clamour to secure the very best home tutors for children could be set to continue for the long-term.

In an increasingly competitive world where the schooling system has been shown to be ill-equipped to deal with such crises, it’s a wake up call for parents. Not only are contingency plans for home-schooling during closures not up to scratch, but most schools also aren’t teaching subjects that will be important in the future, such as robotics and artificial intelligence.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial that parents help their children to get ahead in life – and where money is no object, it’s an area in which more and more are expected to invest.

Oxford Tutors Co. provides world class tutoring across a number of different subjects

“All of our tutors have excellent degrees and a range of other qualifications that would enable them to pursue various top careers, such as investment banking or engineering – but they have chosen to sacrifice such paths to pursue their greatest love, which is teaching,” explains the spokesperson.

“It’s another reason we have won ourselves such a legion of loyal fans and ongoing customers – not only do we offer the highest-quality service money can buy and an exceptional variety of subjects not currently taught in schools, but the passion our tutors have for their work shows.

“Where other tutoring agencies simply provide tutors, we go one step further. We expect all of our tutors to keep us constantly informed about their clients’ progress and to ensure that they don’t just meet, but exceed targets, however ambitious those might be.

“We also keep matters completely confidential, and each of our tutors signs an agreement not to discuss their clients – offering complete privacy and discretion to the families who use our services.”

As we head into a new year, you might well be wondering about the savviest investments you could make in 2021 are going to be. But, if you start with your child’s education, then you’ll no longer need to worry so much about leaving them a nest-egg for the future, because they will be fully equipped for that high-flying career and will soon be living a luxury lifestyle of their own.

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