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The top luxury after-dinner games sets for Christmas 2021

No post dinner party at Christmas is complete without a good old-fashioned card game or a spin on the home roulette table.

By LLM Reporters  |  October 25, 2021
Image Credit: Vismara Design

As Christmas approaches, our attentions are understandably turning to gift buying and stocking up on mouth-watering food items for a delicious traditional dinner. After last-year’s underwhelming festive season, which passed by virtually unnoticed thanks to ongoing lockdowns and the pandemic-related restrictions that largely kept families apart, Christmas 2021 is all about making up for lost time, and many are eager to make it the very best one yet.

When money is no object, lavish gifts and opulent table settings are guaranteed, and we’ll all be looking forward to gathering around the table for the annual festive feast even more this year. One thing that can often go forgotten until the last minute, however, is those after dinner games, which are an essential consideration to ensure that a fun and exciting evening is had by all.

The ideal entertainment choice to crack open alongside those favourite festive tipples? An adrenaline-fuelled game of poker or bingo, where everyone has a chance to win. Better yet, a luxury gaming set can make for an excellent Christmas gift for regular players, and this year, there are some stunning options to choose from. Here, we take a look at four of the finest – handpicked by the experts at

Jeux Marble and Black Crystal Dominoes Set

Jeux Marble and Black Crystal Dominoes Set
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This elegant domino set is a no-expense-spared treat for the ultimate gaming enthusiast, setting you up for some premium renditions of the games we all know and love through meticulously crafted, gilded black crystal, all housed in a streamlined white marble box.

When it comes to after dinner games, it really doesn’t get much more opulent than this, so if you’re looking to splurge on something truly special to make for a memorable Christmas Day, then look no further.

Available to buy from

Fineway Traditional 500-piece Poker Set

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Few casino games are quite as sophisticated as a classic round of poker, and this high-end set from Fineway is truly a thing of beauty. Featuring two decks of playing cards along with a 500 chip set, which comprises dice-style casino weight poker chips made from luxurious composite resin, it looks every inch the professional player’s pick.

Add to that its stylish aluminium carry case, lined with black velour, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more upscale set for that after dinner game.

Available to buy from

Frontgate Luxury Bingo Set

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The rules of bingo never change, but that doesn’t mean the way you play it can’t. This sophisticated set by Frontgate takes number calling to a whole new level, with every detail meticulously crafted to provide a more luxurious experience. Comprising opulent mahogany and rosewood with a sturdy metal-wire cage that features a wood hand-crank, this plastic-free offering comes complete with weighty solid-wood balls and ball tray folds, with 25 reusable bingo boards and 200 wood markers. The perfect choice for an after-dinner game with family, complete with a good glass of whiskey.

Available to buy from Frontgate

Jacques London Bingo Game Set

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Over at Jacques London, pick up a lavish bingo set which comes complete with caller machine, cards and a full set of balls. It might be a game of chance, but this choice guarantees a sophisticated experience for all involved, and will ensure an authentic experience throughout.

A seriously underrated game that few can fail to enjoy, it’s an easy way to get everyone involved with the fun and works well washed down with a bottle of your finest champagne or some luxurious after-dinner chocolates.

Available to buy from Jacques London

Vismara Design Roulette Table

Vismara Design Roulette Table
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If you’re eager to add a more permanent casino element to your home, then look no further than this beautiful roulette table by Vismara Design. The perfect choice for those who enjoy indulging in a little private entertainment from the comfort and complete privacy of their own home, this expertly made piece of genius comprises a professional mahogany roulette wheel, handcrafted in Italy, with stylish, lacquered external edges and a chips rack for the dealer.

Featuring a sturdy, double-wooded base with stainless steel profiles and cup holders, it’s an excellent choice for more serious game players who want the fun and adrenaline rush of a good round of roulette to last well beyond Christmas Day.

Available to buy from Vismara Design