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The top luxury gift ideas for men in 2019

Men are notoriously difficult to buy for. The safe fallback of smelly soaps, bath oils and scented candles for the women in your life, fail to elicit the same response when gifted to your boyfriend. His birthday is fast approaching, time is running out, and you still don’t know which of the thousands of men’s gift ideas to choose from. You’ve trawled the shops and come back emptyhanded, browsed the net but never clicked purchase, and now are close to losing hope. Close, but not quite! We have put together a range of versatile gift ideas, from men’s engraved bracelets to sportswear, that is sure to blow the mind of even the finickiest recipient.

Play in advance

The first golden tip for finding the right gift idea for him is: play in advance. If you too often go down to the very last moment to buy a perfect gift for your man, this year it’s time to say stop. The best men’s gift ideas are those that match men’s tastes, so give yourself some time to think about it! We promise, inspiration will strike eventually.

Invest in a designer bracelet and show that special man in your life just how much you care. Image credit:


If he’s a lover of technology and you don’t want to worry about the expense, the latest model of smartphone released would surely be an appreciated gift. If you have in mind an amount that you can not exceed, instead, opt for an accessory such as Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones, or covers for smartphones or tablets. If the man you have in mind is a keen photographer, you could also consider a hard drive – they will always need one more than they have!


Does he love music? One idea could be the timeless vintage style turntable and also look for some vinyl. If your boyfriend is passionate about music and concerts, which could be better than accompanying him to watch a concert of his favourite singer or group?

Hispanic young attractive man stands in dark street in front of shop changes songs and tracks on smartphone listens to music in wireless headphones. Hipster with slight beard
Wireless headphones are the perfect gift for the tech-lover

The globetrotter

He loves nothing more than travelling to exciting new locations, discovering new foods, animals, and activities. The perfect gift must a trip that he doesn’t expect, but wants more than any other. Whether he has always wanted to cheer on the Rangers at a game, eat pizza in Italy, or whale watch in Canada, now is the time to make that dream come true. However if you want to fill his hunger for new places without spending quite as much, why not travel to somewhere neither of you have been closer to home? A long weekend with his loved one is a present in itself… and it’s an excuse for a holiday for you too.

The lover of good wine or spirits

The man who loves good wine, who knows the best vineyards and vintages, what could be better than a bottle of his favourite? If wine isn’t his tipple, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of some good whisky, well-aged. Put a ribbon on the bottle, and that’s it.

A bottle of fine wine will be sure to delight his tastebuds

Gym addicted

The gym is his happy place. Before work, after work, maybe it even is his work. He counts carbs, breathes protein, and probably has better abs than you. Opt for a luxury sportswear item, such as the latest trainers he has been coveting for weeks. If you think you know his sporting tastes well, you can move towards a specific accessory such as anklets, wrists, tools, and bags.

One for everyone

You might think, ‘my man isn’t the jewellery kind’, but men have been wearing bracelets for centuries, initially to show their social status, or for superstition. The men’s bracelet is as traditionally timeless as it is young and cool, and with a huge range of styles to choose from you will be sure to find one to perfectly reflect the individuality of the wearer. If the meaning you want to give to the bracelet is that of the deep relationship that unites you to the other person, you should know that this ornament has always represented the symbol of union par excellence. To reinforce the special bond between you both, personalise your chosen bracelet on Nomination’s website. From engraving your own initials so you can forever be together, to a meaningful or lucky symbol, this is a perfectly thoughtful gift that can truly be adapted for any recipient.