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Thinking of relocating to America? These are the top 4 states to consider for your big move

In America, one size does not fit all, and each state is considerably different from the next – but we’ve narrowed down some of the top destinations to look into for 2022 to help set you off on the right track.

By LLM Reporters  |  January 4, 2022
Sarasota, Florida, USA downtown skyline on the bay.

Thinking of moving to the USA in 2022? This vibrant and diverse nation certainly has a lot to offer, and whether you’re looking for pristine beaches, verdant landscapes or rugged mountains, you’re sure to find it here. Famed for its thriving sporting scene, trendy cities and lavish beach resorts, there’s something to suit all tastes, and for those keen to dabble in a little real estate investment, opportunities abound.

Locating to the USA as a British citizen is not without its challenges, but for high-net-worth individuals, it’s certainly an easier process than for others. Although the nation doesn’t offer a Golden Visa programme, its EB5 is the next best thing, and affords applicants the chance to gain residency, a Green Card and eventually even citizenship through investing a large sum of money. But buying an expensive home alone won’t cut it; in fact, you’re required to invest at least $900,000 in a US enterprise and create at least 10 American jobs in order to open the door to a new luxury lifestyle across the pond. Got a business plan at the ready? Then check out the immigration services from Total Law to learn more about how to get the process started.

Before you do, though, you have some important things to consider – including where exactly you’d like to relocate to and set up your new enterprise. In America, one size does not fit all, and each state is considerably different from the next – but we’ve narrowed down some of the top destinations to look into for 2022 to help set you off on the right track.


Des Moines is the capital of Iowa
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If you’re eager to prioritise your health when making the move across the pond, then look no further than Iowa. With some of the lowest incidences of chronic disease in the country and an excellent standard of healthcare afforded to its residents, its hospital resources stood up well against the challenges of the pandemic, which is always good to know – but this scenic state offers far more beyond peace of mind when it comes to your wellbeing.

Punctuated by rivers and lakes, its verdant landscapes are home to a plethora of outdoor attractions, with numerous state parks, excellent scenic hiking trails and a selection of museums and art galleries – making it the perfect setting in which to relax and unwind after a busy day and offering plenty of quality of life at the weekends.


Montpelier, Vermont, USA town skyline.

Leafy Vermont has seen an influx of new residents throughout the pandemic, with city dwellers seeking refuge from more densely populated areas and putting greater value on being closer to nature than ever before. Enjoying low crime rates, a high level of investment in public health, it ticks plenty of the right practical boxes – but beyond that, it offers a complete immersion in natural beauty, with a thriving foodie scene and a selection of well-preserved and quaint small towns and cities to choose from.

From its colourful foliage and towering mountain rangers, which attract skiers from across the country during the winter months, it has plenty to offer families with children, and an excellent all-round quality of life.


Honolulu Hawaii

The appeal of the Aloha state is perhaps more obvious than most, with breath-taking, golden-sand beaches, verdant landscapes and a thriving surf scene. If you’re into water sports and nature, then there really is nowhere more beautiful to relocate to. Here, you can expect warm and sunny weather year-round, an abundance of thrilling outdoor activities to partake in, and of course, Hawaii’s unique and appealing aloha spirit, with which the rich local culture is infused.

It’s worth bearing in mind, however, that there is a price to pay for a move to this little slice of paradise. Being an island in the middle of the Pacific, it is somewhat remote and doesn’t enjoy the same connections the remaining United States do – and with real estate prices high, a much higher cost of living than many other states, there are certainly some things to consider. Nevertheless, for many, the pros will more than outweigh the cons.


Downtown of Miami Skyline
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Looking for a compromise? Florida could well be just the ticket. This mainland state is known for its beautiful coastline, and is well connected with the entire country. Add to that some stunning luxury real estate, a diverse and interesting population, a mouth-watering foodie scene and a plethora of theme parks and attractions, and there is a lot to love about it.

While Florida might not offer quite the same tropical island appeal as Hawaii, it does benefit from plenty of year-round sunshine and beautiful beaches, and with plenty to appeal to family members of all ages, it’s certainly worth your consideration.