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Treat yourself: 5 personal purchases to ponder if you need a pick me up

By Natasha Heard  |  March 20, 2020

Many of us are currently facing a fair bit of extra time on our hands and being stuck indoors for the majority of the time can get a little suffocating. It’s important to try and stay positive, take good care of yourself and lift your spirits as best you can.

We all know that retail therapy is the best kind and this doesn’t exclusively refer to purchasing new clothes, so if you feel the need for little pick me up then have a think about what purchase could cheer you up right now. Is it a new piece of jewellery that will give you a smile each time you gaze at it? That piece of useful tech equipment that you’ve been longing for, or maybe it is a beautiful coat or scarf that you’ve been eyeing up but waiting for the right time to purchase.

With all the pressure and uncertainty right now, the least you can do is treat yourself with a gift, go all out on yourself for making this far. We’ve rounded up our top five favourite ideas to give yourself a little treat at a time when you could really do with it, and the best part? They can be bought online – hello social distancing!

Tech equipment

Perhaps you’ve been longing for a new laptop or lusting after a new state of the art camera, now is a great time to purchase this high-tech piece of equipment that you’ve had your eye on. You’ll have plenty of time to set it up and it will surely be well used by the time life returns to normal. Get out in your garden or to an open space with your camera and find some artistic joy and beauty in the world or set up your laptop and thank yourself for the treat of a more efficient piece of equipment to work with. Perhaps a bit of tech for the home will come in handy instead? A new gadget that will make cleaning or living in general that much better could be very useful.

Top-notch watch

A decent watch can certainly make a strong statement upon your wrist. Though you can purchase a watch at any time, now is the time to consider a luxury timepiece that will not only look fantastic, cheer you up with its top-notch design and style but offer a suitable investment for the future. Luckily you can shop from a premier watch shop in Italy through your computer on sites like From the finest Rolex offerings to premier Patek Philippe timepieces they will have something to suit your tastes, so take a look and enjoy the thrill of making the purchase of a lifetime.

Personalised jewellery

This is one piece of jewellery that will never get old or go out of fashion. Brimming with sentimental value and offering something unique that will be special to you, a piece of personalised jewellery could be just the purchase you need right now. Consider customising a piece of jewellery with your initials, name, birthdate or star sign – a service many brands now offer or opt for a piece or matching set with your birthstone, and dazzle.


Everyone wants clear, healthy and luminous skin and, while you may be limited with regards to leaving the house, this may offer the ideal opportunity to give your skin a break by wearing less make up than you normally would. We all know it’s a good idea to give your skin a break from time to time so invest in some good quality products and start up this ever-talked-about skincare routine that you can keep up and your skin will thank you for. You will surely already know what type of skin you have – dry, sensitive, combination etc, but finding the right product for you will take some research. There is some excellent information out there from those in the know who are working in the beauty industry so gather the advice and have a splurge on some top-notch beauty products that will leave you positively glowing.

Cashmere clothing

Of course, we are not about to forego a little clothes shopping on our quest for happiness – if you’ve been eyeing up a particular item, then just go for it. If you need a little inspiration, then how about a gorgeous cashmere item such as a coat or jumper? Heavenly to touch, the soft fabric of cashmere is as soothing as it is great quality. Wrap up warm and get comfortable in the cosiest of materials.