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Tried and tested: Luxury weaning products to make the process run smoothly

By Caroline Cooper  |  January 14, 2021

When it comes to weaning your child, it can often mean one thing – mess. Your little bundle is no longer just reliant on milk, and now needs the additional nutrients and calories to continue to grow and develop. Hours can be spent choosing the right product, making the right foods and, well, clearing up, and even if this is your first child or not, you will still want to make sure that the process goes smoothly for the both of you.

When it comes to every part of our child’s development, we want only the very best and this applies to the equipment, toys, clothes and furniture that surround our little ones’ lives. If you’ve reached the weaning stage and you’re looking for some quality items that will make the process run as smoothly – and stylishly – as possible, then read on to discover our top three picks to add a dose of luxury to the proceedings – all tried and tested by LLM writer Caroline Cooper.

Evomove Nomi Highchair

This luxe design led highchair will blend into the aesthetic of any modern home. Aimed at the kind of parent who is influenced by design and functionality, the main feature of this sleek highchair is that it grows with your child, from birth to teens.

Designed by the iconic Peter Opsvik, who designed the Stokke Tripp Trapp back in 1972, the Nomi highchair has the same fundamentals allowing your child to sit with you at mealtimes with the ergonomic seat allowing them to move freely whilst still supporting their backs and keeping them safe. The smooth design allows the chair to sit at the right height of your table without compromising style but does come with a removeable tray should you need it.

The adaptable footrest allows for your baby’s feet to rest comfortably and works as a great ‘step’ for your child when they get older allowing them the freedom to join mealtimes without you having to be involved in tucking any chairs in or worrying about it toppling over. The Nomi highchair also offers ground-breaking innovation when it comes to safety. The built-in anti-tilt wheels should stop any ‘backwards tilt’ accidents.

Similar to travel systems, there are different parts depending on your child’s age. We started by using the ‘Nomi baby’ padded seat with five-point harness when our little one was around five months old and she loved being at a higher position. It comes with a lovely arch which allows you to add their favourite hanging toys to keep them amused whilst you’re busy cooking, or indeed eating!

The chair is easily assembled and comes with its own hex/Allen key for all alterations and adjusting. The chair has also been road-tested by our three-year-old who loves the independence of being able to join us at dinner. Available in a selection of cool tones, you can customise each part of your chair, from cool greys, ocean blues and burnt oranges – there’s something to suit everyone’s taste.

You really won’t be disappointed with the Nomi highchair, it’s slick, safe, and will complement any interior loving parent.

Tommee Tippee Quick-Cook Baby Food Maker

Tommee Tippee Quick-Cook Baby Food Maker

Nutrients, vitamins and flavours are an integral part of your baby’s development but cooking from scratch requires a lot of time and effort. Time being something that most parents don’t have.

However, the Tommee Tippee Quick-Cook allows you to steam and blend food preserving all of the goodness and made to the right, and safe, consistency, all from one pot.

This nifty little device will sit comfortably on any kitchen surface. You simply chop the fruit, vegetables (or both) of your choice and add it to the steamer basket or blend in the jug. The handy booklet gives a clear guide on cooking times, along with advice on how long to blend for dependant on your baby’s age/weaning stage, along with recipes for when you’re ready to add meat and textures to your baby’s journey. This is a brilliant guide, as often weaning can be one of the more daunting parts of parenthood.

The Quick Cook makes minimal mess meaning you can cook fresh daily should you wish or batch cook and freeze what you don’t need. I can’t believe how easy this machine is to use, and now use it to do my three-year-olds vegetables safe in the knowledge she’s getting the extra nutrients she needs and that they’re cooked to perfection.

Eco rascals

Natural, plastic, and toxic free, eco rascals offers stylish and sustainable tableware that both you and your child will love.

Made from organic bamboo, the beautiful products are biodegradable, heat, stain, odour and water resistant, and these cleverly designed dinner sets come with a suction base too. Made from silicone it works on an airtight mechanism to ensure they grip firmly to the highchair or table allowing for minimal spills or mess.

They are also available in a variety of animal characters, to ensure there’s something for every little one’s personality. Cool to touch for little hands, there’s a wide selection available, from three section plates for fussy eaters, to silicone leakproof cups. Both our girls adore the eco rascals’ collection, though I would advise getting one for each child to save having a fight on your hands. These products are completely plastic free and they look fantastic.