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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Arielle Raycene, leading American actress, model and artist

Read on to see our latest interviewee’s answers for The Luxury Lifestyle List.

By LLM Reporters  |  October 6, 2021
Arielle Raycene

We caught up with Arielle Raycene, an American actress, model and artist with a social media presence spreading a message of self acceptance.

My car of choice

I have a few that I really love. I grew up with a grey Mitsubishi Montero from the 80s and I loved the boxiness. They stopped making them now so its G Wagon for me, in white. I’m also in love with the old 1980’s Mercedes Benz 500 SL roadster in baby blue or beige.

My favourite holiday destination

I think my favourite holiday destination is somewhere in Italy. I haven’t been yet but I have high hopes for the Amalfi Coast or Rome! I would say the best place to relax in the states for me is Miami and my favourite place to visit is London. I kind of want to move there.

My gadget I can’t live without

I think it’s safe to say the gadget I really can’t live without is my phone. I wish it wasn’t. I wish I was better at being present and in the moment. It takes baby steps. Right now I am trying to make it a habit to not look at my phone right when I get up for the first hour and to turn it off an hour before bed.

Arielle Raycene

My go to fashion brand

I would say it’s always a mix and my go to fashion brand really depends on what I’m looking for. I love finding unique pieces while I’m travelling, it always makes you remember that experience more but if I want something fun, flirty and unique I use I AM GIA, Devon Windsor or House of CB. Free People has many comfortable pieces.

My airline of choice

Jet Blue mint has the best airline food I’ve ever experienced but, honestly, I’m not totally picky. As long as the flight is direct and it has an outlet for my phone then it’s fine with me! If I’m tired I like to be by the window so I can rest my head against the wall.

My favourite watch brand

Well, I can’t say I’m a big watch person but I do like them! The only watch I have that is named brand is Rolex and Movado. Everyone raves about the Patek Philippe watches so I’ll put that on my ‘to get’ list. I have a really dainty one that was my grandmother’s that I get tons of compliments on but I have no idea what the brand is.

Arielle Raycene

My favourite restaurant

Oh I have many favourite restaurants. I recently became a vegetarian and I am on my way to being a part time vegan so I’m sure my restaurant favourites will soon change. In New York, a for sure vegan favourite is Beyond Sushi and for pizza it’s I love Bens Pizza which is right down the street from me. In Los Angeles I love Nobu Malibu, Matsuhisa and Musso & Franks.

My guilty pleasure

My guilty pleasure has to be massages and clothes; I love a good massage and I love clothes even more. I guess my other guilty pleasure might be a pecan pie, a good yogurt ice-cream cone and maybe some fries. Sometimes it’s all three guilty pleasures in a day – oh my!

My favourite way to give back

I give to dog shelters on the regular and I like to support local artists in any way I can. I love it when brands give a percentage to an organisation as well. I have an account that is dedicated to giving back so at the end of the year I take it and sometimes give it to one organisation, one person, one shelter or I spread it around. It really just depends!