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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Aron Moldovanyi, award-winning luxury hotelier, chief of staff

Read on to discover our latest interviewee’s answers for The Luxury Lifestyle List.

By LLM Reporters  |  November 4, 2021
Aron Moldovanyi

We caught up with Aron Moldovanyi, a former luxury hotelier with six international awards under his belt. After making a name in the ultra-luxury boutique sector in Europe, he has been headhunted by billionaires from all over the world to manage their palaces, mega yachts, and private islands. This man has done it all, from hotel director to chief of staff.

My car of choice

For me, this is a no-brainer. My car of choice is the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, or the ‘rolling palace’. I recently learned that it was named after a rare, 3,100-carat diamond that was cut into several gems, some of which have been worn by British royalty. Rocks aside, these beauties have been manufactured in good old England since 1904. They are extraordinarily comfortable and have remarkable performance capability for their size.

In my humble opinion, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan is the most aesthetically pleasing luxury SUV in its category. I would definitely own one if I had $330,000 to burn.

My favourite holiday destination

My new hometown, Los Angeles, is only a short flight away from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Kelowna is probably the most beautiful place I have ever seen – snow-covered peaks, pine forests, pristine lakes, vineyards, and the nicest people you have ever met. Living in LA can be pretty intense, so visiting Kelowna is my therapy. Just a weekend away in the enchanted countryside is rejuvenating.

Aron Moldovanyi

My gadget I can’t live without

My iPhone, of course! Mine has two sims – one for work and one for personal use. I had to figure out how to have two sims and two numbers for the same device. I carry a charger with me too.

However, I do have one other equally important gadget – one that I can’t travel without – my Bose noise cancelling headphones. I love ‘quiet mode’ for when I’m sitting on an airplane and ‘active mode’ for working out at the gym, so I can hear my music and my surroundings at a much more balanced volume.

My go-to fashion brand

In my line of work, I need to dress the part. When you represent billionaires or heads of states, you need to look impeccable. I feel comfortable – both physically and psychologically – wearing a nice suit. Tom Ford’s O’Connor suit style has a slimmer profile and a shorter jacket that ‘suits’ me just fine. I love to wear it with my Canali classic derbies for a refined and polished look. Tom Ford has sleek ties as well, but I don’t like to match the tones – the more colorful, the better. At the end of the day, the tie I choose should draw attention to the fact that I am actually wearing one.

My airline of choice

Lucky me – for work, I get to travel on private jets, but my all-time favourite commercial airline is Emirates. They remain the only carrier with showers – they call them ‘shower spas’ – for passenger use on their superjumbos. The showers even have heated floor panels! My experience having opened ultra-luxury hotels in the past makes me appreciate the eye to detail and level of luxury and service on these planes. I truly believe Emirates really kicked things up a notch in the premium commercial travel space.

Aron Moldovanyi

My favourite watch brand

This is a tough one for sure. I can’t just pick one brand. It really depends on the occasion. My Hublot Classic Fusion and my Raymond Weil Freelancer goes well with any suit I own, and it is a great everyday watch, but for special events, I like to wear my Franck Muller Long Island. My Apple watch makes a decent gym companion, and you would most likely find me crushing my swim workout with it in the pool too.

My favourite restaurant

Barton G. in Los Angeles. Although pricey, it is worth every penny, and it will definitely live up to your wildest expectations. This place is all about experience and entertainment. They like to present dishes in a unique, creative way – ‘Don’t Be a Jerk Chicken’ is served in a bird cage, the ‘Laughing Bird Popcorn Shrimp’ is served out of a popcorn maker. Whatever you order, expect a surprise. The food is also super delicious, and the service is terrific – it’s really a great place to entertain my out-of-town visitors.

My guilty pleasure

I have a taste for fine whiskey. I am a Scotch guy, so I love to sip a Glenmorangie after work by the fire pit on our patio. I don’t smoke, but twice a year, I pretend I do – on my birthday and on New Year’s Eve. I usually celebrate with a Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban and with a Romeo y Julieta cigar, Sir Winston Churchill’s favourite!

My favourite way to give back

I played sports from a very young age, and I believe it shaped my future. It taught me discipline and made me who I am today. I like to give to charities that offer support and sports scholarships to children with families who face financial hardship. I hope that my support improves their chances for a better future. Through sports, we can all live a healthier life.