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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Carl Thompson, men’s style expert and founder of Hawkins & Shepherd

By LLM Reporters  |  February 19, 2020

We caught up with Carl Thompson, men’s style expert and founder of luxury shirt brand Hawkins and Shepherd.

My car of choice

Sure Ferrari Enzo. But wait, oh crap I’m a walking cliché aren’t I. Ok so let’s talk about the silver medal, Lotus Exige Cup 430. How practical the fastest ever track lotus would be in a city with an average speed of 4mph is anyone’s guess. Regardless, it is a thing of beauty.

My favourite holiday destination

Most people think Brazil they think Rio. Sugarloaf Mountain, Statue of Christ the Botanical Gardens. Rio is just too touristy and saturated with commercialism. Instead stretch over to Fernando de Noronha, Jericoacoara. Dolphins encircling the shallows, sea turtles, kitesurfing, windsurfing all available. The water is warm and aside from me, the beach should be influencer-free.

My gadget I can’t live without

I was in a WiFi blackhole for five hours the other day visiting folks in the country. It was bliss. So I’m not going to say cameras, phones, TV. But if you stripped me of my basic amenities, i.e my Krupps coffee machine, I would be a very cantankerous curmudgeonly old boot. For the sake of a harmonic society, I will chose my coffee machine as a gadget I can’t live without.

Carl Thompson Blogger 1

My go to fashion brand

I left a very successful IT job to start my own clothing e-commerce site. I make my own shirts, I design my own jewellery. So I’m going to be very boring and chose my own brands, Hawkins and Shepherd and Dion Dreyes as my go-to brands. Does that make me the Moura Lympany of luxury lifestyle? (She chose all her own songs for her Desert Island Discs). Alright I like Reiss also.

My airline of choice

British Airways (for the miles – they’ve got me!) but for luxury and service (as BA service is not the best in my view) I would go for Singapore Airways or Qatar. The British are not culturally capable of extending subservient customer service. The Asian culture prides itself on amazing customer service, as well they should. The Americans do also, but watch a perma-fix grin drop from a cocktail waitress’ mouth the second you don’t tip. In the movie The Fighter, Amy Adams rings a bell behind the bar to shame non-tippers.

My favourite watch brand

You’ve hit the red-button topic here. I’m a huge fan of the heavyweights. IWC, Rolex, TAG not so much Omega but that’s partially because they never answer my calls. I know, I’m precious that way. However, of late, I’m looking more and more at Patek Philippe and thinking. That’s a bit of me that is. In particular, and I thought you’d never ask, the Calatrava Mechanical Ivory Dial Leather Men’s Watch.

My favourite restaurant

When friends come to town I always recommend ROKA. The one in Mayfair has a refined elegance, a romantic history (the principle cuisine originates from Japanese fishermen who would cook the fish on the boats with different charcoals) and the tiger prawn tempura will blow the socks off your taste buds.

My guilty pleasure

I consider myself a man capable of great discipline. I know when I’ve had enough to drink, I get up early and work out and am back home before the suns up. However, stick a bar of dark cherry chocolate or a Wispa Gold in my face and I go to bits. Guilty pleasure, borderline addiction, one of the two.

My favourite way to give back

Instagram used to be a purely promotional platform. I still advertise a lot. However, I’m more interested in private messaging people. Encouraging people’s plights, championing their achievements. It’s more pointed towards positivity and mental health. My brand Dion Dreyes gives 10% of all orders to signed up to charities. Wherever I can, I’ll help. Final note to all reading, you’re born winners. Don’t believe me? You were first in the great sperm race, odds of you winning that race? One in 600 million. All the best.