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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Erica Wolfe-Murray, entrepreneur and founder of Lola Media

By LLM Reporters  |  November 26, 2019

We caught up with Erica Wolfe-Murray, entrepreneur, founder of Lola Media and named by Forbes as the UK’s leading female business expert.

My car of choice

Way back when it would have been anything on two wheels with the Ducati marque featured on the tank… Now it has to be a sleek Mercedes SLK Roadster. (Although Ducati does make an e-bike!)

My favourite holiday destination

With so much world to choose from, I still go back to the Greek islands every time I need a recharge.

My gadget I can’t live without

Needless to say – it’s my iPhone. Friends, family, clients, ideas – it holds them all.

My go to fashion brand

The brand that keeps sliding back into my wardrobe when I’m not looking is Joseph. I’ve loved so many beautiful Joseph clothes, I’ve partied hard, celebrated and wept wearing their clothes. The fabric of my life.

My airline of choice

On being asked to leave home on my 16th birthday with nothing much to my name, I could only fantasise about flying Concorde. In my 21st year I did just that – after lots of hard work and fiery determination. So BA has a soft spot in my heart. Seeing the curvature of the earth flying at MACH 2 is imprinted on my brain.

My favourite watch

I don’t wear a watch so I’m going with jewellery instead. It has to be Tiffany. That magical blue box with something simple, elegant and timeless tucked inside, given by the person that loves you.

My favourite restaurant

The UK is such a hotbed of food talent choosing one is hard, but I’m going with Nutshell in St Martin’s Lane – delicious Iranian flavours.

My guilty pleasure

Without a doubt, my guilty treat is the ultimate pedicure with the delightful Harriet at the Cowshed, Babington House near Frome. We gossip about life and the universe before I trip out of there feeling like I’m walking on air.

My favourite way to give back

I will always find time to help those who’ve got stuck in their jobs or their careers. No matter whether they a plumber or hairdresser, a designer, app developer or illustrator. Every person has so much undervalued or hidden experience. It is a privilege to help them realise this and build something truly worthwhile from who they are and what they already know.