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Image Credit: Vivian Arthur

The Luxury Lifestyle List: Jasmyn Wilkins, former Miss Georgia USA and Sports Illustrated model

By LLM Reporters on 9th February 2021

We caught up with Jasmyn Wilkins, former Miss Georgia USA, Sports Illustrated model, social media personality and actress.

Jasmyn has been dedicated in using her growing platform to not only show her success in the fashion industry and love of all things health and beauty, but to also bring light and awareness to many social issues such as mental health de-stigmatization, racial injustices, and organ donation. She splits her time between Los Angeles and New York City and she currently resides in Atlanta, GA.

My car of choice

This would have to be an Audi Q7, preferably in white. Audi technology is always top of the line and I love how sleek and luxe that car is while still being moderately priced. That will probably the next car I purchase.

My favourite holiday destination

Thailand for sure. My husband and I went for our honeymoon and stayed for two weeks in Bangkok, Chiangmai and Krabi and it was the most magical place ever! The food is delicious, the people are so kind and the scenery is obviously otherworldly. I love that you get it all – city, beach, culture, etc. We are already planning our next trip back in the near future.

Jasmyn Wilkins

My gadget I can’t live without

It’s sad, but honestly I don’t think I could live without my iPhone, I just use it for everything. My calendar and schedule, my emails and photos. I do try to limit my phone usage during the day and when I want to reach for it to mindlessly scroll Instagram, I’ll look to grab a book instead. But I don’t think I could give up my phone, it’s just too vital to what I do every day in life and in my career.

My go to fashion brand

Currently my favourite fashion brand is Sporty and Rich. Their whole vibe and aesthetic is casual, sporty 90s meaning lots of biker shorts, crew socks and oversized collegiate sweatshirts. Think Princess Diana and the Kennedy’s. I’m all about comfort right now since many of my days are spent working from home now.

My airline of choice

Delta has always been my favourite airline to fly with. I’ve had a sky miles account since I was two years old and travelling around the world with my family. I’m currently based in Atlanta and Delta has a huge hub here so I always know that I can find a flight that will leave at anytime of the day going wherever I need to be. I’m a loyal Delta flyer for sure.

My favourite watch brand

I really don’t wear watches that much as I’m always having to take my jewellery and accessories off for photo shoots. My husband did just buy me an Apple Watch for Christmas this year and I love it. It’s nice being able to track my sleep and my activity and don’t always have to have my phone right by me.

Jasmyn Wilkins

My favourite restaurant

My favourite restaurant would have to be Upland – both the one in New York and Miami are so good and I make it a point to go every time I’m in town. The little gem salad is truly a gem and their cacio de pepe pasta is so simple and satisfying. Chef Smilie and staff have such a genuine passion for what they do and it shows so clearly in the food.

My guilty pleasure

Listening to true crime podcasts like Sword and Scale and Dateline. Oddly enough, I like to listen to them while I’m travelling, and I usually travel alone, so you would think I would get spooked listening to that! It just makes me hyper aware of my surroundings. I also love shows like unsolved mysteries, especially the older episodes from back in the day with the narrator and spooky music.

My favourite way to give back

My favourite way to give back is through volunteering. While I was Miss Georgia USA I worked very closely with children’s healthcare of Atlanta and the oncology ward doing a program called For a Day. The kids would be princesses, firefighters and superheroes ‘for a day’ and we would have crafts and activities and special guests come in. It was so fun to see their faces light up! I continued to work with them well after my reign and, to this day, love to offer up any of my free time volunteering .

All imagery used in this article credit: Vivian Arthur