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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Jenifer Rosenberg OBE, founding partner of Heart Cells Foundation

By LLM Reporters  |  April 19, 2021
Jenifer Rosenberg OBE

We caught up with Jenifer Rosenberg OBE, founding partner of Heart Cells Foundation – a charity that funds pioneering stem cell research into stem cell therapy for heart disease and heart failure in the UK.

My car of choice

My first car was a Mini which I have continued to drive over many years. Living in London, a small car works beautifully for me as it enables one to zip around and negotiate parking spaces very easily.

My favourite holiday destination

Over the years I have had many wonderful holidays in the South of France. My late husband and I owned a beautiful apartment in La Californie which are in the hills at the back of Cannes. We also owned an elegant boat which we moored in Port Canto. We subsequently moved to Monaco and now live in London.

My gadget I can’t live without

I am constantly amazed at how I am able to do so much on my iPhone. Without it I would be unable to park, service all my incoming mail, order my food shopping, manage my appointments and so much more. Steve Jobs – you were amazing!

Jenifer Rosenberg OBE

My go to fashion brand

Chanel – not only their clothes, but also their accessories are amazing. I still have my first Chanel jacket which I bought when I was Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year in 1987.

My airline of choice

British Airways – mainly because of the airmiles and subsequently Companion Tickets which enables me to travel around the world and in some instances taking a family member or friend for free – what can be better than that?

My favourite watch brand

Cartier – their watches are so beautifully designed and I have several from small to large. In addition to that, because I live in London and I am security conscious, I have several Michael Kors watches which are fantastic.

My favourite restaurant

I used to love Le Caprice but unfortunately this has now closed. I like going to the Foyer at Claridges and for somewhere special Jean Georges at The Connaught. I always love the original Ivy in West Street. It depends if having lunch with a girlfriend or a sexy dinner with a beau.

My guilty pleasure

I have a very sweet tooth and I adore chocolate and I like milk chocolate not dark, especially the Marks and Spencer Swiss truffles.

My favourite way to give back

Giving back was instilled in me at an early age. Working at Marks and Spencer, who were amazing benefactors, encouraged my philanthropy. I am currently involved in several charities but the one I am passionate about is the Heart Cells Foundation which I started with my late husband 17 years ago. HCF funds a research programme at St Bartholomew’s Hospital treating patients with heart disease with their own stem cells. We are saving lives.