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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Lauren Blake, actress, model and social media influencer

By LLM Reporters  |  September 23, 2021
Lauren Blake

We caught up with Lauren Blake, the successful actress, model, and social media influencer. Lauren has also just become the new host of a luxury travel show on the OnlyFans streaming service (OnlyFans TV).

My car of choice

Ooo no brainer here! Rolls Royce Phantom. Talk about luxury come to life! With the spacious seating, fun gadgets, add ons, and stars in the ceiling, I enjoy riding in this car so much I don’t even want to get out at my destination. Another trip around the block please!

My favourite holiday destination

Tropically, Bali or Bahamas. Overall, I would say Amalfi Coast, Italy. It’s extremely romantic and gorgeous with the colorful buildings built into the cliffs. Sip some limoncello on the beach, eat homemade pasta, and explore towns like Capri and Positano. There’s something magical there you can feel in the air. 

My gadget I can’t live without

I suppose most would say their iPhone, but just to be different, I would definitely say my curling iron. I love to curl my hair, have it bounce while I walk, and flip it dramatically when I feel like being extra! Now, I’m actually recognised for my signature big curls.

Lauren Blake

My go to fashion brand

I prefer fast fashion brands for clothing. I’ve never been big on expensive clothes outside of a few statement pieces. I love my collection of handbags and shoes from LV, Hermes, Chanel, Loubiton. I’ll pair a $6000 purse with $40 jeans and $20 shirt and call it a day.

My airline of choice

I love Emirates! They’re always so hospitable and for long travel, there is nothing better than to curl up all cosy in one of their pods, eat a gourmet meal and have a sip of wine before making your seat into a bed and waking up at your vacation destination. 

My favourite watch brand

Ironically, I was gifted my first watch as a birthday present from my girlfriends recently. I was never much into them, but now I’m obsessed! It’s a beautiful silver Breitling with a diamond face. I can’t leave the house without it. Add a bracelet and that wrist is shining girl!

Lauren Blake

My favourite restaurant

I love Katana in LA. Anything with high quality sushi usually does it for me. A great steakhouse such as BOA in LA also is a go-to anytime I want an upscale dining experience and quality dinners. I love to bring my friends and family from out of town there. 

My guilty pleasure

I have a guilty habit of having sweet snacks at bedtime. Chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter pretzels, cheezits, you name it, I got it! I’m an absolute sucker for chocolate too so my guilty pleasure is most definitely sweets before bed. But shh, don’t tell my gym coach!

My favourite way to give back

Where I live in LA, there is sadly a large homeless population. I have an outstanding amount of clothing that I never wear so three times yearly I go through my entire wardrobe and donate the clothes. I’ve actually seen while driving one woman from the shelter wearing my donated coat.